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Hero! "Marry" Qiao Zhenyu dresser save Yang Zi love drama "marry multi-dimensional fashion" Qiao Zhenyu hero summer burning case of suspicious "fresh muscle male" Sina entertainment news for the non voluntary factors and choose to break up lovers always keeping a baby care about your heart, but the baby does not say "the duplicity of the state. Is Liaoning TV hit drama "multi-dimensional marriage married fashion", Jin Zhihao (Qiao Zhenyu [micro-blog] (Yang Zi ornaments) and summer burning [micro-blog] ornaments) are such a couple before CP. After the break, two people not only use small radar at any time to pay attention to each other, in the summer burning in danger, Jin Zhihao is turned into the "goddess" party, playing it once". In case of suspicious burning "fresh muscle" male "married" by Dalian Wuzhou Fashion Film Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Sheng Xi CTS culture media Co., Ltd. jointly produced, directed by Ceng Xiaoxin, Chen Dongdong and producer Chen Yan Chen Shu, script planning, Liu Qian, Qiao Zhenyu, Athena Chu screenwriter, Yang Zi, Wu Gang starring Li Ping, Ann Ning Danlin, Zhou Shixuan, king, Yu Yuexian, Greenfield co star, Guo Xiaoting [micro-blog] and other cameo, is Liaoning TV hit northern theatre. At the end of the affair with Jin Zhihao, Xia Xia, although the heart can not put down, but the face is "I’m still well". In order to let the family feel relieved, she is walking on a positive blind road, and let yourself encounter dirty jump "fresh muscle" male landblink. Two people close contact, and even meet Party, together sleep you paralyzed high". Although I play eat melon masses "bright eyes" to see landblink skills, seems to have a problem, but still decided to make summer burning. In the scene of debauchery, burning and cold summer drink high high chat, the mood is good, but the danger is also gradually approaching her. Little Hao Hao ", Joe really incarnation of beauty" in the summer burning "hungry" for her boyfriend at the same time, Jin Zhihao also difficult to calm the heart. In the army, Kim Zhihao learned Xia burning began a new romance, then began to set the younger brother, and that summer and burning with the news to Party landblink. Although the mouth will be called "the burning summer who", but the brain and the body is very honest, Jin Zhihao arrived at the venue, but because there is no invitation by security door. Wuli Hao Hao started smart brain, dressed as a B-Boy were security "cold face, after dressing into the red skirt goddess, finally got in, the small burning in the mouth under the rescue landblink. This figure in his costume drama, the audience sparked a lively discussion. Someone said: "until finally the political commissar of the women! It flashed on!" Some people say: "doctor Kim with a fist hero, with countless fists fly Xia beauty rescue heroes, the two are too funny, look forward to the day two people together again." After the storm, life again return to calm, but the woman’s intuition let Nie feel Jin Zhihao Xuan change, the feelings of the two will decide on what path to follow? On the other side, landblink blackening threat she will burn in summer, how to deal with? The answer will be announced tonight in 19:30 Liaoning satellite tv.相关的主题文章: