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Has not stopped ", ordered from oral teaching that inspires true understanding within: –" the road of calligraphy and painting — people.com.cn original title: think of thought from the Imperial Palace style from the the Imperial Palace style on the local map (traditional Chinese painting) yuan Zhao Mengtiao Zhuan, too! The seal, also cited. Only close to the historical experience, in order to maximize the understanding of history. What people look for what painting, what painting, etc.. The one you are looking for is your present self! Reward points, identify authenticity. In high dynamic in the ancient time, people today than we quantify mode called identification is much higher! The scientific and effective way to transmit this kind of inheritance is that there is a certain uncertainty, and it is a process of constant purity. In the thousands of years of uninterrupted process, produced a "Orchid Pavilion", "Bo Yuan tie", "riverside" the treasure of treasures, is China as an important part of culture. In the last century at the beginning of 80s, I at the the Imperial Palace picture group, to assist the old gentleman, stable storage, evaluation, acceptance and distribution of lead paint. Some hard copy Pro yuan. Seven hundred years ago, the color is dark, the wind Xuan Wei solution; after seven hundred years, the ink is color, Yuan Ming bone, so that the network cable solution pulse. Zhao Mengtiao, Zhao Yong and his son in the paper the color of the ancient past, thick water, is a great contribution to the historical heritage of ancient painting method. Early color from Kinumoto to this paper is to rely on the transition of all the water to complete. This song in the hook of the ink line nature as one, is as good as water. This formed Zhao Mengtiao "structure from time to time, eternal not" Yuan wind. And these twelve words actually let Zhao Mengtiao in the history of a full stand for seven hundred years. It is because of "eternal not", not "where" Bo Yuan tie ", for map", not "spring outing", where "Qingming Festival". This road "Xun" one painting, which is not a hit from the air force? The elasticity of the knot, which is not fit with the front? If you want to understand the painting! In calligraphy art, product word text, painting and drawing product. "I love painting since the year of horse, even see the alley to a town serving coach are excited about me, later I went to the countryside to put cattle and horses. Because the company youth life, Ma saved my life, had the honor of riding a light bar horse, and let me remember the ideas in the old dial button longitudinal pen words. My purple, Hu Zhaoling SA Lu Xuanzong bluish white is so painted. The hand copy the heart to recover "of lady for map", "Tang", "five cavalrymen map", "horse map" was granted after a number of our heart, this picture of Zhao Mengtiao for seven hundred years, according to the spirit of creating hair color of the "map" of the ride. Another thirty-six years, immediately red window to Laoyanhunhua when U. The more this year past, this "riding map" on my desk for two and a half years. The utility model is characterized in that the age of Zhao Mengtiao is not really in the paper, a cross between Ma and Chu skin floating hair tight paper ink, a painting is a string of beads. Not only the pen paper, pull up gas to be neither too familiar nor too distant, and also to Mao Ying, guiding the strokes in the paper, the line of water mark formed.)相关的主题文章: