Hangzhou market debut autumn summer clearance fast fashion brand clothing sale half off (map) borderland

Hangzhou market debut autumn summer clearance fast fashion brand clothing sale half off (Figure) Hangzhou market debut autumn summer clearance fast fashion brand clothing sale half off for several consecutive rain let Hangzhou have more autumn. The shopping season, as many people choose in this small Mid Autumn Festival holiday choice. The reporter visited the major shopping malls, stores found that businesses have opened a new autumn season mode ", the main stage. At the same time, also took the opportunity to enter the summer, not spring a stage, the discount rate to a minimum, to attract a lot of people queuing panic buying. A new autumn and summer can start with "two days this morning and evening temperature, while the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, together with the mother to go shopping to buy a thin cardigan, sooner or later the cold can be sheathed on the outside wear." Citizen Ms. Jiang said, did not expect to stroll around, see some summer is on sale, low price let her very excited. This does not, had to start the two short sleeved and a denim shorts, all playing on the break. Ms. Jiang said he opened the side look cheerful, the hands of the shopping bag to reporters. A women’s counter teller said, back in early August, has launched a small part of the counter early autumn clothing. Now, the new autumn outfit has been fully listed. The reporter visited the circle found in the mall, a variety of fashionable autumn has debut, women’s dresses, sweaters, jackets, coats, sweaters, men’s fashion shoes, sports shoes, the store was placed in the most prominent position. Because it is a new listing, the price is not what most preferential, with 15% off to 10 percent off majority, but there are still some of the pursuit of fashion, love "boys and girls come to prerelease purchase. Shopping malls in the autumn and summer is always accompanied with discount listed. If you still remember for a summer, now is the best time to sell. In the martial arts intime, some high-end brand discount intensity is not large, and some played a 10 percent off, two pieces of 20 percent off, three pieces of promotional efforts to attract customers. Part of the low-end brand is different, labeled on the clothes, all 50 percent off billboards, the lowest is only 70 percent off. Here, a few hundred dollars usually sell short sleeved T-shirt, now just a few yuan, very cost-effective. Fast fashion brand discount with the largest in several fast fashion brand shop, star, lakeside in77 Cabernet, intime, the reporter found that the popularity is very busy, there are many is taking advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourists come to Hangzhou to play. The reason to attract them is very simple, is a large discount. Yesterday, the lake in77 Forever21 stores, dark and crowded with people, waiting to try clothes lines has been lined up at the gate. In a large number of summer clothes on the discount put up a red sign, which says "RMB 50", that is, 50 yuan mean. There are 60 yuan or buy a send one. In the world the first floor of the H& M, many of the original price of 199 yuan, 299 yuan in the summer are marked with the sale price, from 50 yuan to 100 yuan, the discount basis, can call 12% off. Reporters forget about it, an original price of 199 yuan vest, discount only sell $44.相关的主题文章: