Guoguang electric equity investment projects in R & D stalemate accused of lack of confidence crycry

Guoguang electric equity investment projects in ankylose accused of lack of confidence in research hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money raised investment projects in ankylose Guoguang electric accused of lack of confidence in the sponsor research step on mine only the goal of Wu Junjie. The multimedia sound foundry Guoguang electric leading Limited by Share Ltd (002045.SZ, hereinafter referred to as the "Guoguang electric") of non-public offering plan appears to be That’s final., because the sponsor will be investigated and the "vacant" nearly half a year. The fermentation of this event will also be part of the details of the plan to further enlarge the program. It is reported that the issue is intended to raise funds not more than 159 million yuan for the repayment of bank loans. However, in August 21st last year, the company’s board of directors to finalize the first version of the non-public offering plan, the total amount of funds to be raised not more than 700 million yuan, of which $400 million will be used to expand the technical transformation of the loudspeaker products. A substantial reduction in funding is not uncommon, but the technical transformation of 400 million yuan is to be removed, or causing the industry concern. After all, for Guoguang electric straight towards the direction of the brand, its technology is seen as a tool to drive the transformation and upgrading. This is the reason behind the move, and cool components, but the industry also pointed out that this was how many abroad electric light on their own R & D strength and development trend of technology and other aspects of the self judgment. "Chinese business daily" reporter recently sent a letter to Guoguang electric, as of press time, no reply. Project approval scale is tightened, as early as March 28, 2016, the board of directors approved "on the second revision of" Guoguang electric Limited by Share Ltd in 2015 non-public offering plan "bill" (hereinafter referred to as the "second edition plan"). April 15th, the Commission will examine and approve the application. An investment circle insiders said that after receiving the approval of the Commission, non-public offering of the company will receive a formal written approval of the Commission issued within a month. However, after a lapse of nearly six months, there is no substantive progress in the matter. Recently, "Chinese business" as an investor call Guoguang electric appliance. The company’s securities affairs representative admitted to reporters that the current issue of the company is indeed suspended phase, which is mainly affected by the sponsor Southwest Securities Commission investigation. It is reported that in June 24th this year, Southwest Securities announced that the Commission investigation. According to relevant regulations, the investigation period, the Commission will not accept its recommendation as a sponsor and as an independent financial adviser issued documents. The gates of fire, adverse impacts. Compared to many in the early stage of the company after the counseling of Southwest Securities hit the mine, can immediately re-election to other firms, is Guoguang electric dilemma. If you change the broker to broker, means that the project must go through the process, it is estimated to take longer." The source said that the company is also on the Southwest Securities相关的主题文章: