Guangzhou Hongkong garment processing company suspected of being cheated over one million yuan loan htc802w

Guangzhou company is a Hongkong company for processing clothing suspected cheated over millions of goods – Beijing, Guangzhou and Hongkong for the two legal differences, even winning the lawsuit, it is difficult to recover the money, this bureau, how to break? Help people: Sheng Textile Corporation Chen Yao because of what Lydia: being suspected of contract fraud, are owed money million new progress: both alarm, pending a Guangzhou City textile enterprises responsible person recently told the Yangcheng Evening News for help, said the company engaged in trade in the process of being suspected of contract fraud, are owed money millions yuan. A for millions of victims of bizarre turn home to help people Chen Yao Guangzhou Sheng Lydie Textile Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sheng Lydia") Corporation, is a company engaged in garment production and processing company. In 2015 October, the Shenzhen company called "rich Lifulei" company (hereinafter referred to as the "rich Lifulei") found Hongkong Fullink Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fullink"), hoping to purchase a number of clothing, because "Fullink" no garment processing experience, and commissioned by the "Sheng Lidi" for its production, processing. Chen Yao told reporters, garment processing in the process of purchasing fabric, Fullink company refused to advance payment preparation, and "Sheng Lydie" responsible for the company named Chen Qiu verbally agreed to, by "Sheng Lidi" will be processed directly to the "rich Lifulei clothing", and according to the delivery amount of partial invoice, "rich Lifulei payment payment directly to the clothing" Sheng Lydia ". Chen Yao said the company before and after processing clothing sales totaled about 2000000 yuan, according to the "rich Lifulei" three party agreement, in batches paid about 1 million 130 thousand yuan of money to his company, but 1 million 100 thousand yuan of money not paid. Chen Yao later found early in May this year, the "rich Lifulei" received a "commissioned payment agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement"), the balance requirements will be transferred to a garment called Shenzhen City Jin Yao clothing Limited company "(hereinafter referred to as the" Yao Jin account "). Chen Yao said, after their "rich Lifulei" to verify the matter, the other said "agreement" covered with Sheng company and Lydie Fullink company seal, so in accordance with the "agreement" on the instructions to turn over the money. Chen Yao told reporters, their company did not know before this "agreement" are less likely to agree to stamp on it, "Yao Jin" had nothing to do with me, how could we agree to turn over the money?" B declined to comment on the incident at the party consultation reporter then went to the police station, in the reception hall to see Chen Qiu, he sat in the hall of the chair is also looked tired, accompanied by his son around. For an interview with reporters, Chen said that he has come to Guangzhou for ten days, very tired, inconvenient to comment on this event. "If you want to hear what I have been here for these 10 days, I can say." But then he thought for a moment, and say nothing, "I don’t want to say." He said he was not trapped here, is free, and no one threatens him. The reason why I have been staying in the police station is not hope相关的主题文章: