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Grilled a steak Trump in the debate how much lies – Sohu news   Trump and four claimed by Bill Clinton of sexual assault of women?. The Shutong Tong Hu ran the second presidential debate this morning on the recent "insult women" video exposure effects of Trump with four women — they all claimed to be the admission of Bill Clinton had raped?. This trick one, we all know that today’s debate is a good play. However, Trump mouth say something what is true? Let’s go through a rigorous examination of the facts: "insulting women."…… It was a private joke. "No, Trump did.". On Friday (October 7th), "Washington Post" exposure in the video of the year in 2005, he said he would "catch" the female body." When the host asked Trump further, he admitted that he did say this, but then said he had never done so. In fact, Trump was accused of attempted rape in 90s, but was not convicted. "Bill? Clinton insulted women. Hilary? Clinton attacked them. 4 of them were here tonight… She laughed and laughed at two cases." Trump said that in the 80s of last century, an audio. At that time, Hilary ran a legal aid center and was appointed by the judge as a defense attorney for a rape case. The recording is Hilary and a reporter dialogue, she laughed at the polygraph accuracy, lack of contact channel is narrow, and the judge was not very willing to discuss the case in front of her. She said in a memoir of her own that she was not comfortable with the case. Finally, the rape of her accused agent was revoked and replaced with a lighter charge. According to a friend of Hilary log, Hilary has privately said Lewinsky is "narcissistic crazy woman". "New York Times" reported that the Hilary team hired a private detective, trying to figure out what can damage the reputation of the black Jennifer? Flowers material – 1998, Bill? Clinton admitted a sexual relationship with the model. As for the investigation is directly inspired by Hilary or team self assertion, it is not clear whether the. But in June 1992, Hilary has said publicly that the flowers "have a lot of problems." Bill, Clinton, had to pay a fine of $850 thousand to one of the women, who is here tonight at the time of the arrival of mr." Paula, who was the heroine of the "zipper door" of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year. In 1991, Clinton or Alaska California long time, Jones was its employees. She said that in May 8, 1991, two people meet in a hotel room in little rock. Clinton said to her, "I like your curves." He immediately took off his pants, asked Jones for his oral sex. Jones refused and hurried out of the room. 18 months later, Clinton was elected president. 1994 Jones sued Clinton for her sexual harassment, but the federal judge refused to file, and said"相关的主题文章: