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Green development policy intensive introduction   environmental superposition PPP concept – energy – foot bottom gas note: Recently, although the Shanghai index around the line to compete again, the market sentiment somewhat tangled, but environmental and PPP stocks continued strong, ecological, environmental protection continued mengcao Wei Ming Trading, Guozhen environmental protection, science financial environment, Jinhai environment stock soared, becoming the mainstream hot plate. Analysts pointed out that the recent development of green finance, policies to achieve green development intensive introduction, from the concept of green development is gradually become a reality, to stimulate the A stock market related stocks investment opportunities, and form a good linkage. This paper combing environmental superposition PPP stocks, to further explore the related investment value of leading shares to readers. Environmental protection 20 stocks cumulative suction gold $1 billion 898 million foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang at a regular press conference on August 25th, said the response to climate change is now the direction of global efforts. Under the joint efforts of the international community, including China and the United States, the parties reached the Paris agreement. The consensus of the international community is that all parties can promote the Paris agreement as soon as possible. We understand that the United States is also actively promoting the Legislative Council to approve the relevant agreements. In addition, according to the Ministry on September 7th news, in order to promote the implementation of papermaking, printing and dyeing and other 11 key industries clean production technology, reduce industrial added amount of water, water reuse rate increase, reduction of water pollutants, and strictly control and reduction of the total emissions of water pollutants, the Ministry and the Ministry of environmental protection organization of "water pollution the prevention and control of key enterprises to carry out cleaner production technology program" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). "Program" requirements, accelerate the implementation of cleaner production technology transformation. Enterprises should fully play the main role in application of cleaner production technology, actively adopt advanced technology to implement cleaner production technology, improve technological level and core competitiveness, from the source to prevent and reduce pollution, promote water pollution control targets. The central enterprise group should actively organize the enterprises to adopt advanced and applicable clean production technology to carry out the transformation and provide financial support. Affected by this, the recent environmental stocks frequently changes in stocks, the share price since August 26th has risen 91, accounting for 78.45%. The Department of financial environment, Huaguang shares, Guozhen environmental protection, environmental trimer, Oriental Garden, environmental protection and other electric stocks during the cumulative increase in more than 20%, respectively 40.99%, 33.92%, 28.61%, 25.27%, 22.9%, 20.34%. In addition, water treatment (19.77%), Jiangnan Water (17.52%), Mao Shihua (16.91%), (16.4%), Hao days environmental precedent for environmental protection (16.39%) and clean water (15.18%) and other stocks also rose over 15% cumulative. Cash flow direction, according to the "Securities Daily" display Market Research Center statistics, since August 26th, a total of 48 sector stocks showed a net inflow of large single trend, the Jiangnan water, enlightenment of Sander, Mao, wanbangda)相关的主题文章: