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Good future with Reading A-Z reached a strategic cooperation docking global quality resources – new network, September 26, a good future in the field of international education action. Following the September release early music training abroad brand future (HiWorld), September 24th (a good future to encourage step as the representative) announced the introduction of English international authoritative reading Reading A-Z. This means that a good future in the expansion of international education while at the same time, began to connect the global quality education resources. It is understood that the use of hierarchical Reading A-Z reading, according to the child’s mental development of different ages to provide scientific, targeted English reading. Up to now, Reading A-Z has completed nearly 3000 books, more than half of the public schools in the United States and canada. Over the past twenty years, Reading A-Z affected the entire generation of the United States, covering more than more than and 180 countries worldwide, the official website of the cumulative total of more than 4 billion 500 million times the amount of reading. Good future co-founder Bai Yunfeng, American children’s education expert & A-Z founder Bob Holl Reading; Reading A-Z earlier, with good effect and reputation by many China parents love, but because of copyright and the server limit Chinese parents is difficult to obtain the original content Reading A-Z. With the advent of international education, children’s English is highly sought after. As to English learning point, the role of reading is particularly prominent. However, the current Chinese market products suitable for children’s English reading books is very scarce system of dragons and fishes jumbled together. In order to allow Chinese children to enjoy the global quality of reading resources simultaneously, in September 24th a good future with Reading A-Z reached a strategic cooperation, which is the first time Reading A-Z strategic hand in Chinese education companies. "Reading makes me understand the profound Chinese culture, I also hope that through reading for Chinese children to see a bigger world. Good future in the field of K12 education in China has many years of accumulation and strong teaching and research capabilities, able to provide strong support for the development of Reading A-Z in China in technology, research and development. We hope that through the good future of the Reading A-Z reading way to bring more Chinese children, to help them effective and fun to learn english." American children’s education experts, founder of Reading Bob Holl said A-Z. American children’s education experts, Reading A-Z founder Bob Holl future co-founder Bai Yunfeng said that reading is a source of nutrition for human progress, no matter how to change the way of reading, reading carrier to iteration, the value of reading has never been diluted. The good future of the introduction of Reading A-Z classification of reading materials, to optimize their international education business at the same time, to improve the situation of children’s English reading China, system science rich educational resources in English China, English reading customization, "we hope the children can come into contact with the global advanced education resources station.相关的主题文章: