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Fuzhou North train station at night to open 22 bus to facilitate the public access channel network November 15th hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Liu Shiquan) reporter yesterday from the Fuzhou city road transport management office was informed that with immediate effect, the Fuzhou train station, North Station, 14 night bus lines will delay 22 times to open the bus. Which station involves 6 lines, 12 new flight to North Station; 8 lines, 10 new flight. It is understood that the increased number of flights, mainly for the night train passengers. In addition, the train station every Friday and Sunday night after 10, will also arrange 30 taxis, convenient public access. According to the security program, the railway station north square departure vehicles, the latest one for 20 and 51 Road, time is zero at 10 points. The last 1 days of the National Day holiday, holiday 1 days ago and the last 2 days, the last 2 days of the Spring Festival holiday (holiday peak period), the additional line frequency will change, the new K1 and K2 line frequency, 18 bus new flights from 1 times to 2 times, the last train departure time, too until 22:20. Train station departure of the vehicle, the last class is 309, the departure time is 23:40. The holiday passenger peak delay line is adjusted to 7, 31 times, 309 of which was 10 times more road trips, the night is still 23:40. "The additional bus is mainly for passenger train delays for passengers to open, can largely facilitate the passenger travel." Fuzhou city yunguanchu bus Department staff said that the train station of 37 bus lines, can achieve all-weather coverage, more convenient travel, so the increase in frequency is less train station. In addition to open bus lines outside the train station for the flight, "play hard" problem, the program also suggested that every Friday and Sunday night after 10, will arrange a taxi company taxi 30 security at the train station, until the last train stop. During the National Day holidays, such as the peak passenger traffic, taxi security vehicles will increase to 60. Daily 30 and the peak of the 60 vehicles is only the number of priority protection, if these vehicles are not enough, we will re arrange vehicles to carry passengers." Fuzhou yunguanchu staff said that the daily EMU late situation, enterprises in the train station bus 3 vehicles at night arrange emergency duty vehicles, timely evacuation of passengers. On the case of large-scale delays, has set up a temporary command center, real-time tracking EMU passenger flow dynamics. If you encounter difficulties in public transport, you can point to the staff to reflect.相关的主题文章: