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From excitement to boredom – how to help children through the first hurdle? Sohu maternal admission for more than a week, when children from a kindergarten "little friend" turned into carrying a bag of "pupil", this kind of role change, adapt to the baby? His psychological have those changes? As a parent, do you notice the changes in your child? Before the entrance stage — key words: "I am excited and proud pupils! I was a child!" "I go to school, my honor!" "I’m not a baby! You don’t treat me as a baby!" at the beginning of semester experience — key words: boredom, "learn to write good hard constraints the class is very tired." "Hate math! No apples and bananas, the baby can’t understand!" "in the morning to get up early, baby to take a nap." The students will be singing and dancing, the baby is not the best, baby of happy! "To adapt to the primary school — key words:" I love the most active and aspirant teacher! I love her to read the text! "" I have to actively participate in the duty, the little red." "Don’t be late for school! It is for the class to discredit!" your baby is now at what stage? After school, the role of different baby baby will experience this "school psychological", because of the children in school, social roles, and learning style, let their body and mind to change the original article YY rabbit — 1 ways of learning — to learn from playing in the kindergarten, the game is the most important the way of learning. However, after primary school, the child’s learning approach to the teacher, the students listen to the transition, with little practice. But this kind of learning style is a challenge for baby’s focus, reading ability and interest in learning. 2 social approach to independent social children after school need to leave their parents to live independently, and from the dependence on the adult gradually turned to the class, the emotional needs of the students. From this level, it can be said that the six or seven year old children is transformed from attachment to start an independent life, an important period of development of the close relationship between family members from vertical to horizontal relationship between members of the school, is also an important period for children to expand the scope of social interaction. 3 role — came to be seen as a "social man" from primary school onwards, people began to treat — they are class them as a "social" official members are members, to obey the rules, responsible for their words and deeds, to win honor for the class…… Therefore, many children are happy and proud to see their role in the transition, but do not adapt to the status of the need to bear the responsibility, there will be complaints, negative attitude. Baby school, parents need to do for the above changes, parents can start from the following points, to understand the situation of children in school, and to guide their children to adapt to primary school life as soon as possible. 1 let the children talk about the parents should take the initiative to ask the children to school, to make them "parroting", children do not systematically in order to narrative, parents can ask according to the time sequence.相关的主题文章: