Foreign media Xisha military exercises made no fly order Jiangchuang here only the Military Channel kairui

Foreign media: Xisha military exercises issued ban on ships the only Jiangchuang here – Sohu military channel map information: the navy in Hainan Island to Xisha near the sea airspace organization live ammunition against the drill, this is the Yuncheng missile frigate ship launching anti-ship missiles (July 8, 2016). Reference News Network reported on October 29th: foreign media said that China Sanya maritime bureau announced 26, 2009, a military training in the South China Sea will be 27. China said it would ban ships from entering the area within 24 hours. The ban lasted until the evening of 27. Just a few days ago, the U.S. Navy in the waters of China’s territorial waters delineated by the Paracel Islands in the implementation of the freedom of navigation action. According to Japan’s foreign scholars website reported on October 28th, the exercise area is located in the vicinity of Hainan, China’s exclusive economic zone, the southeast edge of the island about 110 nautical miles. The island is part of the Paracel Islands, the United States Navy destroyer approached the islands last week. The exercise does not involve the disputed waters of Vietnam or other countries in the South China Sea sovereignty claims. Reported that China did not disclose the details of the participating vessels. China’s defense ministry said the 27 day military exercise is a joint search and rescue training plan". 27 days of exercise this humble, but in view of the exercise location close to Paracel Islands, and the U.S. military has just implemented freedom of navigation action, so it was outside attention. According to the Taiwan joint news network reported on October 27th, said the Maritime Safety Department of the mainland, 27 will be held in the South China Sea military exercises around the clock, other ships must be avoided. There was an American destroyer approaching Paracel Islands. Reported that, in addition, the PLA Navy South Sea fleet and the East China Sea Fleet recently were air combat exercises, including inter night flight, the bombing of the "enemy" occupied reef etc.. The bombing exercises, dozens of pilots flew dozens of sorties, bombs hit dozens of pieces, rate of over 90%, improve the capacity of the aircraft against enemy positions, Beach Island and port facilities.相关的主题文章: