Foreign hostile forces threatening to steal information network instigation students inducements winavi video converter

Foreign hostile forces network instigation students inducements to steal information intimidation data figure: CCTV reported Guangdong military secret spy case screenshot original title: students should supplement between the anti secrecy education in this class recently, a foreign hostile forces to implement network instigation reports on our individual college students caused people to concern and build a strong line of defense in colleges and universities. Foreign spy organization using the Internet chat tools, forums, campus recruitment websites and other channels, and the recruitment of "investigator" and provide "part-time" name, in the analysis and dissemination of intelligence collection, participate in the money to lure inexperienced students, very shocking. Any risks related to national security can lead to significant losses, the alarm has been subverted the frequent cases of students in Colleges and universities sounded the security defense. Foreign intelligence organizations put students as a target, formulate, universities are the important position of China’s scientific research activities, many schools bear the development of China’s major scientific research projects, some students directly involved in the work of the project under the guidance of the teacher, have access to classified content, even students who do not participate directly, can also be through access to information, some teachers to the students to learn to ask way of indirect access to the project; on the other hand, college students are often active in the network and social networking platform, conversation easily exposed the identity and study their lives, become the target of foreign forces, and the young college students lack of online education and understanding the complex situation of struggle psychological prevention, not strong, intentionally or unintentionally may become a tool used by the overseas organization. The temptation of money and intimidation of overseas organizations formulate methods used by college students. At present, many college students out of the economic burden of the family, or exercise their ability, often on the Internet to publish some job information. Once you have this information outside the organization, will be based on their prior lock key target demand, promised to provide lucrative, simple part-time work opportunities, through inducements to let some people take the bait, step by step to sell information. Once fall into the trap of college students has been aware of, ready to hand, they will be exposed, the use of the hands of the handle, the threat of College Students’ fate in the future, forced them to continue to obey their mercy. These seemingly simple and crude approach is often effective, that is, they seize some of the psychological and weaknesses of College students. Some students affected by the adverse social impact, have access to the money as the purpose of life, regardless of whether the money is legitimate sources of clean, once these people and forces outside Goulian, will often take the initiative to sell a dense, in order to meet the desire for money. Some students are eager to express and prove their life value, quick success, not satisfied with the work of down-to-earth, fantasy for "success", rely on overseas organization promise to provide "shortcut to success", which fall into the trap. Some students say "abuse of brotherhood, others a little give benefits will be regarded as a" friend ", to be used without knowing it. Some college students are not mature enough to believe, or even recognize the enemy as a friend, after the use of foreign forces once threatened, the psychological defense of the collapse, as a tool to send people. In addition, many colleges and universities lack of state相关的主题文章: