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[five] on the Guan rail junction of new airport access to Guan property market throughout the world, "the next five years with no increase in construction land" plan proposed in the Beijing area effect of ring joint development, construction of the new airport in Beijing and Beijing administrative sub center moved to Tongzhou and other good, continue to undertake around Beijing housing demand spillover the new change, gradually leading the capital market. A well-known economist said: "the future development of central Beijing real estate opportunities is very obvious, all kinds of resources, various elements together rapidly in the next period of time, for our company and the market provides a very broad prospect and a huge space for development." For home buyers, the region has always been a good choice as an important consideration. This year, the most eye-catching is the sub center of Tongzhou and the new airport in Beijing, two South East, from singing. Therefore, in Langfang, Yanjiao, Xianghe and South Guan Dachang, the market was the most active in nearly a year, the area of the property market has been pushed to a new height. The new airport construction, Guan has become an important traffic node ring Beijing area "artery", not only at the South Gate of Beijing, or from the new airport in Beijing Airport recently the core area, has a full range of three-dimensional traffic in aviation, six high-speed, five track as the main network. The new airport in Beijing radiation area mainly covers the Daxing and Hebei Guan and other regions, the construction of the new airport will give the regional radiation functional project brings large facilities, the birth of a new airport economic zone formed, and greatly promote the development of regional. With the construction of the new airport, Guan regional economic development will usher in new opportunities for development. Recently, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a notice on the relevant matters of the Beijing new airport airline base construction program. The program has been approved by the state council. Notices are as follows: 1 China National Aviation Holding Company (hereinafter referred to as China) as a member of the Star Alliance retained operation in the capital airport, Chinese Eastern Airlines Corporation (referred to as Eastern), China Southern Air Holding Co (referred to as southern) as a member of the SkyTeam alliance relocation to the Beijing new airport operation. 2 Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines as the main base for the new airport of Beijing airlines, for base construction according to the new airport in Beijing shall undertake the business of air passenger volume 40% of the target, allowing self production security facilities; Hebei airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines Co.Ltd, China Postal Corporation and other non base airline company stationed in Beijing, the new airport in accordance with the "unified planning, unified expropriation, unified construction, unified management" principle, the production by the Capital Airport Holding Co to co-ordinate the construction of support facilities. China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and other moving out of the capital airport, vacated space to meet the needs of Air China development. 3 for relocation to the new airport in Beijing to run the main base for the airline set a transitional period of 4 years, the airport in the capital of all domestic and international and Hong Kong and Macao flights can be translated to the new airport, and stop the new routes in the capital airport, and in the international air traffic rights, flight routes resource allocation the capital airport, airport charges, the original asset disposal, ground service management and other aspects of support. 4 please Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines to apply for approval of the new airport base in Beijing project application report, to do the first 8相关的主题文章: