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[financial media? Tour the ancient village of Zhejiang Yueqing huangtandong]! Sohu – tourism in Wenzhou, in Yueqing, so in the economic developed areas had also hidden a China landscape of Ancient Villages — huangtandong ancient village! I want poetry and distance, it is here. The ancient village of huangtandong village, shook my heart, in addition to the United States think, more let me go! It hidden in the Yandang Mountain in Yueqing, this is a rare land of idyllic beauty, the village was built in the Song Dynasty Baoqing years, after 800 years of groundless talk, since the whole village was well preserved, Zhejiang province is one of the few non village by excessive commercial exploitation falls… General Huang Tan Dong Cun huangtandong village has a history of 800 years, more than 400 meters above sea level, the history of rich indigo, is to grow rice, sweet potato, ginger and tea and other crops. The ancient village, Lin Mao, Shui Mei, Shi Qi, Dong village house, strange, ancient temples, ancient temples, ancient plaque, ancient decorative carvings, ancient customs and cultural retention is good. Here the distribution of large and small buildings, are used from the surrounding mountains such as the stone wall flat rice cake. Huangtandong village in November 4, 2007, the first Chinese landscape village contest concluded in Beijing City, North Township huangtandong village of Yueqing selected the first batch of " ", Chinese; village landscape; Zhejiang province was selected only huangtandong village and Zhuge village in Lanxi city. Huangtandong village is located in the north of the city of Yueqing Township in Zhejiang city of Wenzhou province. Huangtandong ancient village, the forgotten land of idyllic beauty quiet and peaceful! Haven’t been to Wenzhou Yueqing people for huangtandong really is not easy, especially foreign friends a lot of people really do not know there is an ancient village so simple. We are a group of more than 40 people, is the financial media · tour Zhejiang, the activities of the organization and led the ancient village of Huang Tandong. Go away is like this, a mountain, nine roundabout, sometimes sharp and steep mountain canyon, more mountain mist, Meng hazy long stone waterfall such as practicing the language, which is hidden in the indistinct, Zhejiang in the high mountains and lofty hills like a simple village, at the legendary world outside Taoyuan, looked so easily one touch. More than two road images by photography sun new sharp aerial mountains of ancient villages, natural, primitive, simple! I traveled more than half of China, has been to many economically developed cities, has also been to many villages, mountains and water. But go to the economy is so developed in Wenzhou Yueqing, found a most beautiful original ancient village is the first time. The ancient village of huangtandong village is hidden in the mountains, natural, primitive, simple! Here, in my heart deep sigh: beautiful scenery, not drunk village near, hidden in the economy is so developed in Wenzhou Yueqing Province, huangtandong ancient village is located in the city of Yueqing in the Yandang Mountain side. We have a lot of clouds and fog, came to the village in front of huangtandong village click into place, in front of a real huangtandong village has gradually opened its mysterious veil: a mountain village in a stagnant time and the dust of history, quiet lie.相关的主题文章: