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The fund cannot do that: "Pan Jinlian" "ghost" Beijing – in the newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yang Li Xuelian) in order to make a statement on the ten years complain of the road, the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" released less than a week, but also in non busy everywhere, "the rumor". For the "ghost field". The film side Yaolai film: the lawyer’s statement, denied the "ghost" and "box office water" and other rumors; the National Film Fund Office of the relevant responsible person said, has received the relevant report, but the current investigation is not sufficient to identify the "I am not Pan Jin Lotus" existence "ghost field". As for "magical animal where" Huayi Brothers film, the night of November 22nd and issued a lawyer’s statement said, "micro-blog ad 1874" rumors, and said: "don’t ask us where this magical animal, we do not back the pot." McIlroy film published the lawyer’s statement, the statement requires spreading false information, fraud and other movie film malicious slander and investment, the film’s reputation, causing the public misunderstanding, normal issue of the film caused serious interference part of the media and from the media account to delete false information and malicious articles, stop infringement, tort should continue to be seriously investigated the legal liability. "Every film has gone through too many tests from filming to getting on the big screen," I’m not Pan Jinlian, "he said! From the movie makers began, has been eager to listen to the audience from the heart of the feeling of the movie." National film special information office in charge of the relevant person in an interview with the daily economic news interview, said the national film special information office in accordance with the four dimensions of the definition of the ghost field". First, usually after zero movie studios; second, all the theaters are full hall full; third, to show the video display in the server are not open; fourth, the movie is abnormal. "Not all the conditions must have, and some have a few can be judged as’ ghost field’." According to the current I am not Pan Jinlian, the findings did not meet the above conditions. It is worth mentioning that, in accordance with the national standards of the fund office, the company to "make the movie Xuanfa empty seat" behavior is regarded as "reasonable means of marketing". In October 26th, the netizen "ad 1874" on micro-blog said, "Huayi to radio appeal, request to the November 18th release of" I am not Pan Jinlian "set aside row space, scheduled with the release of" Harry Potter "swordsman" magical animal? "Where is today officially announced the grading, from November 18th until November 25th release; Director Eastwood, Tom and Clint?? starring Hanks" Captain Sally "also be postponed to December 9th release." Huayi Brothers lawyer 22 issued a statement to clarify, "said Huayi Brothers use radio power" and "requirements for the November 18th release of" I am not Pan Jinlian "leave row space" and "delayed release cycle imports" and "crowding out other movies are false rumors, and retain the prosecution related parties the right to legal liability.相关的主题文章: