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Exposure to contact Mancini do Gilo only alternative Shenhua big spare? [information] Shenhua announced the existence of difference Tencent sports in November 10th according to the latest news Italy famous football website "football market" and the termination Manzano football philosophy, Shanghai Shenhua has with Italy marshal, former Inter Milan and Manchester City (data) coach Robert – Mancini made contact, the two sides are in contact. Recently, Shenhua has officially announced that the outgoing coach Manzano, the contact Mancini, is undoubtedly ready to take Manzano’s place. According to the media exposure of Shenhua contact Mancini said, just a few days before the first, Shenhua and Mancini started to contact, was precisely at the time of renewal stalled mansano. Previously, there is news that Mancini has been to the manager of England, although later failed, but the Italy media still widely believed he would go overseas for jobs, hence the emergence of Shenhua price. In addition, the "football market" also talked a bit, that is not the only candidate for Shenhua coach Mancini, but now Mancini is the only one who was exposed. Although other candidates have not yet been confirmed, but it is certain that the level will not be smaller than Mancini. If in accordance with this standard, recently came back to hire former Shenhua head coach Gilo, it seems unlikely. China fans have been very familiar with Mancini, who coached the Milan and Manchester City he led, won Serie A and the Premier League champions, is one of the representative figures of the current coach in Italy. After retiring from international Milan, Mancini is still in the waiting state, during this period, he had frequent and super club scandal, including Suning, Jiangsu, but eventually die a natural death. This time, Mancini became the coach candidate Shenhua, I finally can take place. Shenhua to end the League League record of fourth, so the next season they need AFC Champions League for two rounds of playoffs, which means that any team than super Shenhua will advance to prepare for, under coach candidates is imminent. If Mancini in Shenhua, who had been criticized for not good at InterContinental tournament coach, will start their new journey in AFC Champions League. (Yalugelu)相关的主题文章: