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Focus: education? — Measurement of chaos to sign the "life and death" behind the students in Jiangxi channel, recently, Tianjin a university in the physical fitness of students before the test, students are required to sign the school exemption agreement, arouse students’ dissatisfaction, this is "student physical test to sign" life and death "of the news in the public opinion caused no small waves. Reporters later learned from the school, after the media coverage of this matter, the school has canceled the decision to sign a contract with the students test exemption agreement. But this incident is still left to the outside world a few huge question marks – students to participate in physical testing has become a high-risk behavior? So, now is the physical test has deviated from its original intention? How to let the school physical test really play to urge students to strengthen physical exercise intention? When it comes to school and signed the constitution test exemption agreement, Tianjin the college freshman said "ridiculous", she thinks it is in school: "we did not shirk responsibility before PE received careful and comprehensive examination, also do not know what harm will appear in the in the process of movement. I think, as a student, we can not be entirely by themselves to participate in the physical test after all possible consequences." In the view of dynamic business Nanjing University of Science and Technology professor Wang Zongping director of the research center of Tianjin, the college students want to sign a waiver before physical testing, from the perspective of the school that can be seen at least two points: one is the school last ditch, because now the difference of students’ physique is indeed an indisputable fact; two, the school is to conscientiously carry out students’ physical fitness test, because if it is the words do things carelessly in the physical fitness test, students are less likely to have accidents. But the Tianjin universities and students to sign the "life and death" approach is debatable, Wang Zongping believes that "let students feel in" physical fitness test "is like on the battlefield of the dangerous behavior, will cause the fear to the students, not conducive to the students are more active in sports and physical fitness test correctly." The implementation of the "student physique test system of the Ministry of education’s original intention, is to pass the test to urge the students to strengthen physical exercise, but also to let the school pay more attention to the campus sports activities, Wang Zongping said," the test standard is not high, as long as the students to ensure a certain amount of exercise can be passed, for physical ailments or disability the students’ physical fitness test "is to formulate the corresponding measures, waiver can be said, as long as the students usually exercise through the physical fitness test is not difficult, but not dangerous." However, one is to arouse the enthusiasm of the student movement policy, but a serious aliasing in the implementation process of the students’ physical fitness test is regarded as high-risk behavior is just one of the more serious, and students’ physical fitness test in the process of resort to deceit. Chen Yan, a junior college student in Tianjin, told reporters about her experience as a test for her classmates. Chen Yan is one of the few sports people who are now in college. In the past few years, she has been in the physical test to help students on behalf of several times. In addition to the large number of QQ group in the release of Chen Yan to provide test service on behalf of the ad, there are a lot of acquaintances to know her initiative to contact her. At the beginning of this term she received it again.相关的主题文章: