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Early business Qiucai market is "cold" price unchanged from previous years Qiucai stalls few people patronize. "Eleven" is not to, potatoes, green onions, cabbage has been on the market in succession, communities, streets and lanes at. The reporter visited the Qiucai point of sale and households to understand, compared with last year, people buy Qiucai enthusiasm is not high. Some people said that this year Qiucai market price was essentially flat with last year, going to wait a few days and then "hunters". Buy fewer people watching the atmosphere thick on 25 and 26 days, the reporter visited the city many Qiucai sales point to see the farmers selling Qiucai gradually increased, but the public does not buy. Some farmers said that currently listed Qiucai good quality, price and basically the same as last year, but people do not buy too much. On the contrary, the streets to send food to households of farmers, more popular. Lived four Dongfeng Village Mr. Sun said, this year Qiucai listed earlier, now do not hurry to buy, look, wait a few days to sell more, compare them, maybe the price also cheap. Have rich experience to buy Qiucai grandma Lee said, cabbage water now listed, to store it to dry in the sun, and over a period of time of Chinese cabbage is more mature, more convenient storage, so she was not in a hurry to buy. At present, people still buy Qiucai mainly in the elderly, accounted for 90%. The three District, four District Dongfeng Village, District, District seven, more elderly people living in these areas, since Qiucai market, people began to choose to buy food dishes, reporters in the district visited from time to time, can see old people dry onions and cabbage. Many elderly people said, buy Qiucai has become a habit, but now the purchase amount is a year. Zhang aunt lived seven Dongfeng Village, such as her age in 70 years old old man, every family to buy and to autumn vegetables, pickled cabbage and a lot of pickles. The old man said, although now living conditions are good, the supply of winter vegetables is also very timely, but they have been accustomed to these old people, decades of storage Qiucai habit, always feel to this season, you have to buy pickled vegetables, autumn vegetables, feel that this is life. The decline in demand "mini Cheng Xinchong" buy the home did not take place, the door of the corridor is not allowed in the supermarket of autumn vegetables, vegetables everything, these are the reasons why people reduced storage Qiucai, public demand for autumn decreased significantly, the market is hard to see the autumn TanQian crowded, people take Qiucai scene the. Public Zhang said that before every winter, often three or four bags of potatoes to move home, and now even buy a bag of two bags are rare. Buy a drop in demand, smart farmers have come up with a new way to deal with, have launched a variety of "mini qiucai". It is a bundle of 40 pounds of leeks, this year also increased by 20 pounds, 50 pounds, is the original specifications; 80 kg bag of potatoes, now 20 pounds, 30 pounds loaded with. The reporter visited often can see "mini" potatoes and onions, such as a plastic bag containing 12 pounds or 18 pounds of potatoes, selling price 10 yuan or 15 yuan; 20 pounds a bunch of green onions, sell.相关的主题文章: