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Du Jingzhong: A shares fell on gold oil shocks client I mentioned many times in the article a few days ago to see the latest market, A shares has not yet bottomed out, the recent trend is expected to have a callback yesterday, the voyage rujierzhi, yesterday’s stock index fell 6.41%, turnover 271 billion 800 million yuan, volume this month hit a single day the largest decline, nearly 1500 stocks daily limit. U.S. crude oil futures for April WTI closed up $0.92, or 2.86%, to $33.07 barrel in. Gold rose $4.2 on Thursday, or 0.34%. The data, last night, U.S. January durable goods orders rose 4.9%, mainly due to credit for transport orders increased 11.5%, but the non transport orders rose with 1.8%. Resistance to increase overall goods orders, no doubt on the weak performance of nearly two months of the U.S. economy, injected a booster. The United States in January, capital goods orders rebounded in 2014 to June to the manufacturing sector decline to suspend the signs; the United States last week for the first time jobless claims rose from a three month low, partly reflects the false date of typical fluctuation. By the end of February 19, 2016, the number of active drilling in the United States decreased by 26 to 413, for ninth consecutive weeks to reduce, and continue to brush 6 years low. The data also showed that by the end of February 19th, the total number of active drilling oil and natural gas in the United States decreased by 27 to 514, a decrease of 796 compared with the same period last year. Stock index plunged 6.41%, trading volume was 271 billion 800 million yuan, the volume hit the biggest one-day decline in the month, nearly 1500 stocks limit. By the end of the day, only 0.13% of the month last month, or 4 points. In February 24th, the total market value of Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities was 48 trillion and 490 billion yuan, closing yesterday was 45 trillion and 280 billion yuan, evaporation between 3 trillion and 210 billion yuan a day. Technical indicators on the gold line level, the price of silver overnight once again test the 200 day moving average of $15 mark, MACD index on green energy column expansion, double Sicha, KDJ lane has Guaitou signs, the overall risk neutral. On the 4H level, the indicators have not yet been clearly defined, and short-term or continued shocks are corrected. However, as long as the market can maintain a 15 dollar pass (200 day average), it can continue to rise further. Two rebound cycle oil daily, but the top of the pressure is strong, the bullish trend shock interval, interval four hours trend shocks down, the index has no clear direction to maintain short-term shocks correction, but the market is expected to rebound again. Shanghai A shares itself facing volume, early profit and above the set pressure, facing the next two quarter economic growth pressure and weight stocks in the first quarter earnings data at the 2900 point pressure, pressure is very heavy. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense.

杜景中:A股如期大跌 金油震荡上行 客户端 查看最新行情   前几天我在文章中多次提及,A股暂时还没有触底,近期走势预计还是要有回调的,昨日航期如期而至,昨日沪指暴跌6.41%,成交量为2718亿元,放量创出本月单日最大跌幅,近1500只个股跌停。美国WTI原油4月期货周四收涨0.92美元,或2.86%,报33.07美元 桶。黄金周四上涨4.2美元,涨幅为0.34%。   数据方面,昨晚,美国1月耐用品订单环比回升4.9%,主要功劳源于运输类订单增长11.5%,不过非运输类订单也有1.8%的上升。耐用品订单整体增加,无疑对近两个月疲弱表现的美国经济,注射了一剂强心针。美国1月份资本品订单的反弹幅度达到2014年6月份来之最,显示制造业下滑趋势出现暂缓迹象;美国上周首次申领失业救济人数从三个月低点上升,部分反映出假日期间典型的波动。截至2016年2月19日当周美国石油活跃钻井数减少26座至413座,连续第9周减少,续刷6年来新低。数据同时显示,截至2月19日当周美国石油和天然气活跃钻井总数减少27座至514座,较去年同期减少796座。沪指暴跌6.41%,成交量为2718亿元,放量创出本月单日最大跌幅,近1500只个股跌停。截至昨天收盘,本月较上月涨幅仅有0.13%,即上涨4点。2月24日沪深两市总市值为48.49万亿元,昨日收盘为45.28万亿元,一日之间蒸发3.21万亿元。   技术指标上黄金日线级别上,隔夜银价再度考验200日均线15美元关口,指标上MACD绿色动能柱扩张,双线死叉,KDJ双线有拐头向上迹象,整体风险为中性。4H级别上,指标尚未指引明确的方向,短期或继续震荡修正。不过,只要后市能够守稳15美元关口(200日均线),则能延续升势进一步上扬。原油日线上出现两个反弹周期,但是上方压力强劲,目前走势看好震荡区间,四小时震荡下跌的区间走势,指标没有明确的方向指向,短期维持震荡修正,不过市场有望再次探底回升。沪指A股本身面临成交量、前期获利盘以及上方套牢盘的压力,接下来面临二季度经济增速压力和权重股一季度财报数据压力,目前2900点位置压力很重。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: