Double 11 close to the NDRC warned the 18 home appliance manufacturers should not be marked price

"Double 11" near the NDRC warned 18 appliance manufacturers not virtual standard prices [original title "double 11" is approaching, NDRC warned Amazon Jingdong, 18 home appliance: to prevent false preferential low elevation end] JINGWAH Times News (reporter Sha Xueliang) "double 11" is approaching, the NDRC price supervision and anti monopoly Bureau, Beijing City, the NDRC price supervision and Anti Monopoly Bureau, Dongcheng District development and Reform Commission Price check, this afternoon in Dongcheng District jointly held the "double 11" price promotion will remind warned. Jingdong, Gome, Dangdang, the United States mission, Amazon and other 18 companies attended the meeting. The meeting stressed that one is to provide service in the network marketing and commodity, should be the same as the store price tag, in accordance with the law consciousness. The price should be true and clear, clear and eye-catching, price changes should be adjusted in a timely manner. Not outside the increase in the price of goods sold, shall not charge any fees not specified. Two is to prohibit the use of false or misleading price bid form or means of deception, inducing consumers to trade, to prevent the emergence of original fiction, false preferential discounts, does not perform illegal price commitment, and other low elevation end price. Three is the network retail enterprises should strengthen price self-discipline, establish the law, honest and trustworthy, fair competition consciousness. Establish and improve the internal price management mechanism and error correction mechanism, to strengthen the price promotion plan in advance of the review, to promote more standardized price behavior. In recent years, in order to enterprise network retail price behavior norms, the competent price department of the city through regular training, remind and policy propaganda materials etc., constantly enhance the awareness of law-abiding operators, strengthen industry self-discipline price, capital market environment gradually optimized. The next step, the city departments at all levels of prices will further strengthen market supervision, timely stopping and punishing the illegal acts of price, keep 12358 price hotline open, according to the admissibility of public price complaints. The masses of the alleged illegal price problem, once verified, will be severely dealt with according to the law and to the public.相关的主题文章: