Do not see do not know! Hot water washing windshield will lead to burst

Do not see do not know! Hot water washing windshield will lead to burst in the snow hit the wiper is snow stick on the windshield, do not use hot water to the car wash a hot bath, so easy to make the window because the change of temperature crack, wiper deformation. The correct method is, the air conditioner to hot air blowing mode for the windshield wiper, to be open to nature. In addition, we should pay attention to the use of wiper blades, such as aging or damaged should be replaced in a timely manner to avoid scratch glass. To achieve the best when parking will be no danger of anything going wrong, the wiper blade is supported, to open and close the wiper, pay attention to wipe the blade on the snow and ice, water, at the same time to wipe the windshield, prevent wiper and windshield frozen together. Due to the low winter temperatures, lubricating oil viscosity increase is not easy to flow, start the engine after preheating, as long as the water temperature table began to rise to start, here can not be shoved the throttle pedal and don’t let the engine speed is too high. If the door is the residual water frozen door, causing the door open, you can use hot water to water the ice, but the door opened immediately after the residual water dry, otherwise the door will bear more thick ice. When the car after the vehicle starting, driving the rear wheel does not turn in a nice hobble, or dashboard ABS warning lights flashing, that is the handbrake frozen. At this time, do not force driving, you can try to hang reverse gear, reverse pedal to the metal (pay special attention to the rear of the vehicle without other obstacles) forced the handbrake to open, pour boiling water. The two rear wheel brake disc can melt snow and ice.相关的主题文章: