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Do not let the money off the real into the room "(Finance — — each one airs his own views) – to ease the contradiction of asset hot" and "cold industry", and ultimately had to rely on to optimize the business environment, active funds back to the real economy recently, the listed company intends to sell two sets of Beijing Putian telecommunication school district housing in order to protect the shell, cause pay attention to. Most people in the impression that the money is not bad, the listed companies from the property market arbitrage, whether contrary to logic? Look at the A shares semi annual report, there are more than and 900 listed companies in the performance of the realm of Putian Communication the two school districts housing assessment price, which means that the A shares of Listed Companies in the first half of nearly 13 of hard work hard, but also to sell two sets of school district housing easy money. The real estate market and the real economy is difficult to form a sharp contrast. Under the same roof is "Rainbow Night", a reflection of the current economic restructuring difficult China. On the one hand, the real economy shouting money shortage, in order to ease the financing difficulties, financing expensive, had to increase the money and credit. On the other hand, the traditional industry overcapacity, investment space is limited and a modest profit, some money off the real into the room, the active flow field of real estate value function strong, leading to the real economy money is tighter and more expensive. "Take off into the room"? The pool of social capital is so large, if the water mass into the real estate industry, the real economy will be crowding out effect. There is not enough money, the real economy to innovation and development, is likely to be weak, which led to the decrease in employment and income decreased, and speculation is not to create jobs, to offset the impact of each other. What’s more, the essential function of housing is to live, although the price is affected by the money supply, but ultimately rely on the continuous accumulation of population as a support. Lost the absorption of the real economy, the urban population will eventually overflow, the property market boom may be a false prosperity. Like the early Ordos, now most of the northeast city, have been or are experiencing such a heavy blow. Recently, the introduction of a number of cities to limit the purchase of loans and other measures to cool the property market, these initiatives are conducive to stable hot city prices, stabilize market expectations. Ease of asset fever and industrial cold contradiction, in addition to this kind of market regulation measures, and ultimately have to rely on the optimization of the business environment, so that the initiative to return to the real capital funds. Let the money back to the real economy, less set threshold, reducing the burden, let entrepreneurs earn money in entrepreneurial innovation. Any investment costs, but compared with the real economy, the heavier burden on the real economy, facing the rights of the environment is more complex. Contrast real, the real economy also needs to pay a series of administrative fees and government funds, the middle part of the loan costs are also high. What is worse, just get the real real Houguwuyou, can the real economy in the way of independent research and development have to endure "tort Li Gui", and the relentless squeeze the purchaser. Gou Gou kankam these innovative way, without government help wrecker, advocating innovation, no social and cultural conservation, enterprise is difficult to make money, not to mention the money. Let the funds back to the real economy, but also to allow entrepreneurs to be respected in Entrepreneurship innovation, dignity. Ear from time to time to close down the factory real feeling: open a factory, to)相关的主题文章: