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Delicious Su Egg-Yolk Puff Huang Lei also praised the! When the spring Sohu and, "Huang Lei time" revision ~ every weekend a food host invited together, smelling the fragrance of flowers, while listening to "Huang Lei time", enjoy baking sweet time in the kitchen. (quickly move to Huang Xiaochu WeChat public number huangxiaochu921 to listen to Huang Lei time complete audio ~) on the market now is the moon cake business! I’ve heard that this year and crayfish stuffing. But the Egg-Yolk Puff Su style moon cakes are my favorite, today to share with you ~ ~ happy early all cooks the Mid Autumn Festival – – – Egg-Yolk Puff materials — youpi: low gluten flour, sugar 22G 20g 75g water 90g 22G egg lard pastry: low gluten flour 170g purple sweet potato powder 30g 100g of lard or low gluten flour 190g 10g lard 100g green tea powder filling: gold bean paste yolk crisp stuffing homemade 15 steps — first make the filling part. An egg yolk is divided into halves, 20 grams of gold (or bean stuffing) stuffing it into the circle in the palm of your hand, pressing a nest at the top with the thumb, the egg yolk inside, seal the mouth of the rounder. Making the skin. The first part will do youpi, low gluten flour and sugar sieve, add lard rubbed into flakes, then pours into the water, knead, knead until the dough has reinforced, with film cover to room temperature. Some pastry making, low gluten flour and purple sweet potato powder (or Matcha powder) sift together, add lard, knead the purple mashed potatoes or green tea will do the mud, oil skin, wrap with pastry, not to dry skin. Put the oil into a 30 grams, 20 grams of a pastry pastry after a good on the refrigerator, let the pastry a little hard, then a good package. The hand pressed by youpi, put on the pastry, with the hand part of the hand to skin up, the skin evenly wrapped in pastry, sealing up, like a bag of Cantonese style moon cake that pack. After all the package finished by hand, hold the wrapped dough and pastry flat, with a rolling pin from the middle respectively toward two roll, the force is not heavy, uniformly, roll into about 6 inches long, cannot roll thin, then roll. After all the roll end, then roll flat, gently press, from the middle to both ends with a rolling pin roll, this step can roll the skin too wide and too thin, thin layer off, the more narrow width effect level better. Then roll up roll out the skin, this time to see two white, much volume outside, less volume inside. Will roll out the roll with a knife cut from the middle, the knife must be fast, cut it into two portions of pastry, cut the dough must smooth incision. Cut the roll, cut side down, hands flat, with a rolling pin roll into a round, put the dew outside the incision, stuffing the middle with hand thumb to face up, mouth closed. Put the pie in the palm of the hand, to adjust the inside filling with the other hand hand position. Wrap the bread head flat, because when baking it up, too sharp to bake is not good. The upper and lower oven fire 180 degrees bake, bake for 35 minutes, 20 minutes will cover the cake baked with foil to prevent相关的主题文章: