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Comments: DPP authorities can understand the suffering of the people? Beijing – Taiwan "Central Daily" reported on the 12 network said in a commentary on the 520, the Cai Yingwen administration, reduce the number of mainland tourists, the tourism industry of Taiwan livelihood by the dramatic effect, so including hotels, travel, tour buses, tour guides and other 11 Industry Association decided to Ketagalan in September 12th on the road, "million self-help tourism parade". The tourism industry demands of the parade is fairly straightforward, very humble, they just want to "food and clothing to survive and work". The industry pointed out that the current group of mainland tourists only over the past 1 to 2, 8 to 9 is substantially reduced, therefore, only 1 mainland tourists and tour guides to work with other, most of the tour guide has been facing the threat of unemployment; shop business is less about 20 million. The staff has been on unpaid leave or leave without pay, some stores even began layoffs; and tourist attractions in the vicinity of the hotel, the hotel booking rate is less than 50%. The tourism industry is almost out of reach! In the face of panic in the hearts of the tourism industry, the Taiwan authorities, Executive Yuan spokesman Tong Zhenyuan actually said that Taiwan in the first 7 months of this year, an increase of 7.9% passengers, while in July alone grew by a month. In other words, the Executive Yuan’s official opinion is: even if the land to reduce the number of tourists, but other areas are increased, ah, what are the tourists nervous. However, the industry said that the relationship between mainland tourists and Taiwan tourism industry, not other areas can be compared to the number of tourists, such as tour guide for a total of more than 37 thousand people on the island, and the number of Chinese tour guide for nearly 30 thousand people, accounting for 78% of the total number of all tour guides, even when the bureau is now pushing the New South policy, the tour guide due to the language and professional style and other factors, can not be transferred to the Southeast Asia group immediately guide; in addition, devoted group of mainland tourists tour up to more than 4000, mainland tourists plunged, the tour bus drivers have no business, living not only greatly affected, and every month to pay 150 thousand yuan loan Car Buying in, under the double pressure, their situation is threatened by growing crises. The Cai Yingwen administration has repeatedly stressed that Japan and South Korea travelers increased, the problem is the creation of mainland tourists in Taiwan tourism value is 2.5 times the Japanese and Korean tourists, so Lu guest group reduce severe impact brought by Japan and South Korea are not able to compensate for the passengers, even if the "Executive Yuan" has repeatedly whitewash, there is no way to cover the tourism industry the loss. China Airlines strike, Cai Yingwen has publicly support. At that time, Cai Yingwen said she believes China Airlines flight attendants should not "patience", will not go on strike this road; Cai Yingwen even shouted "will not let China Airlines flight attendants feel lonely". Why China Airlines flight attendants strike, Cai Yingwen said that the authorities will go along with them, all the requirements, even the last China Airlines flight attendants all agreed, and to the tourism industry in order to make a living have to walk on the street, the attitude of the authorities is so cold, lack of empathy? Cai Yingwen, Lin can not understand if it is not "hold on," tourism!相关的主题文章: