China will set up the central enterprises in poor areas of the industrial investment fund (in the co jinshen

China will set up the central enterprises in poor areas of industrial investment fund (the State Council Information Office press conference) – News – Chinese central enterprises Authority issued the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, newspaper Beijing on 13 October,     (reporter Gu Zhongyang) in October 17th third of China’s poverty day the arrival of the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference on the 13 day, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office spokesman, publicity and education center policies and regulations Secretary Su Guoxia and director Huang Chengwei introduced the national poverty alleviation poverty day activities, and a reporter asked. Su Guoxia introduced this year, the main activities of the four aspects of poverty alleviation activities: first, will be held for the first time the national poverty alleviation award recognition conference. Two is held to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping poverty alleviation and development strategy seminar". Three is to start a special campaign to help the poor. There are three main contents: the start of the implementation of the joint operation of well-off society, the establishment of the central enterprises in poor areas of industrial investment funds, China’s social network to start poverty. Four is around the precise poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation poverty forum held. Huang Chengwei in answer to a reporter about the poor area of industrial investment fund in question, the views of the SASAC, the central enterprises in poor areas is the primary industry investment fund the first phase of start-up capital 10 billion yuan, plans to 2020 to reach 100 billion yuan, the total requirement is that the fund is mainly used for tackling poverty support in poor areas, especially in poor areas the industrial development, but to operate in accordance with the rules of market economy and management. "People’s Daily" (October 14, 2016 03 Edition) (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: