China happiness and the Indonesian Embassy in China jointly organized the Indonesian Investment Foru winflash

Indonesia Investment Forum – Finance – September in Hangzhou jointly organized the Chinese happy with Indonesian Embassy in 4, G20 in Hangzhou during the summit, Chinese companies but also by the meeting of the East, and strengthen the international major trade partners, active layout strategy of going out. By September 3rd, China happy, Embassy of Indonesia, Indonesia investment Coordinating Committee (BKPM) jointly organized by the Indonesia chamber of Commerce and Chinese "Indonesia Investment Forum" held in Shanghai. From China and Indonesia both government officials, business leaders, business representatives Association of thousands of participants, to discuss the hot issues of economic and trade cooperation China Indonesia and industry investment. Indonesia investment forum site (source: Huaxia happiness) the "Indonesia Investment Forum", aimed at China enterprises to participate in Indonesia Investment Development matchmaking, help them better understand the investment environment in Indonesia, industry and approval procedures. President Djoko of Indonesia, Indonesia? Widodo (generation of marine affairs coordinating Minister of energy and Mineral Resources Minister), Indonesian Foreign Minister and finance minister, Minister of industry and trade minister Indonesia Indonesia, Indonesia telecommunications minister, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Committee (BKPM) president, Indonesia’s ambassador China Indonesia government members, and vice minister of commerce Chinese Gao Yan, vice mayor of Shanghai shining and other Chinese leaders attended the event. In addition, Huaxia happiness invited to come from the energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, electronics, Internet, logistics, trade and financial services industries in Shanghai harbor infrastructure (Group) Company Limited, CITIC Pacific Limited, Zhuzhou Zhongche millet technology group, vehicle group, LETV holdings, Shanghai Yidian holdings group etc. on behalf of the thousand enterprises to participate in this event. As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, is also the only G20 member of ASEAN, the fulcrum of the global ocean strategic plan in Indonesia and China’s "The Belt and Road" plan fit between the two countries in the past few years trade more frequently. Indonesia is also China’s largest engineering contracting market and the second largest investment destination. According to statistics from the relevant departments show that bilateral trade volume reached $54 billion 230 million in 2015, Chinese enterprises to invest in Indonesia to increase direct investment of $1 billion 330 million, an increase of 26% over the same period of 2015. As of July 2016, Chinese companies have invested $8 billion 880 million in Indonesia, accounting for about 1/7 of China’s total investment in asean. At present in Indonesia investment over 1000 Chinese enterprises, investment in the areas of energy, communications, electric power, mining, finance, insurance, transportation, automotive, agriculture and Fisheries and other key areas of national economy. Under this background, Huaxia happiness also actively layout of the overseas market, has been completed on Indonesia’s investment of $121 million in the third quarter of this year, launched a comprehensive investment and construction of Chinese overseas first industrial town of happiness. Indonesia investment forum site (source: Huaxia happiness) Happy Chinese International CEO Zhao Hongjing said at the meeting, China is committed to build a bridge of happiness and Indonesia global economic and trade development, building international capacity cooperation platform)相关的主题文章: