Chief engineer, chief engineer, two, the test data are in good condition

Two rockets Vice Chief Engineer: test data qualified good state of the long march rocket number two deputy chief designer Liu Feng news (reporter Wang Jiazhu Wang Xiaoying) 22 evening of September 15th 04, the first space laboratory module in the true sense of China’s No. two will be launched, carrying the mission is two "long March FT2 rocket. Deputy chief designer of the long march rocket number two Liu Feng 14, said that the current long FT2 rocket has completed the emitter area drill and filling the preparatory work before the test data is qualified, the quality of the products in good condition. Liu Feng said that the long FT2 rocket is the second launch of the long F series, carrying capacity of 8.6 tons. T2 rocket has three characteristics, the quality of the flight is small, storage time is long, the task interval is long, T2 rocket distance from the launch of the 10 Rockets have been in the past 3 years." Therefore, relative to the T1 rocket, T2 rocket was improved to 89 technical changes to the state, 51 of them have been verified. 8, 9, 10 rockets, 38 of them without the flight test, in perfect design to improve the reliability of project improvement accounted for more than 50%. "These three years have not been idle, the statistics of technological change every improvement projects, projects are particularly fine, on the original rocket technology work more carefully." Liu Feng said, T2 has completed the rocket launching area area drill and filling the preparatory work before the launch, according to the work flow, before the launch of a total of 20 main nodes, has completed the 18 nodes, and the remaining emission is fueling. Liu Feng told reporters a detailed description of the preparatory work before the launch of the rocket. "Negative 3 hours basically are all of the system before the launch of final test preparation, negative 2 hours is ground equipment power, beginning around the end of the beginning for self communication, networking equipment, negative 1 hours, ready to give the arrow on the power equipment preparation, general to negative 40 points the need to add an arrow, let the arrow on the equipment in the work of the state, between minus 30 minutes, the entire device for online self checking and testing ground, negative 30 minutes after the tower platform is completely open, negative 15 minutes later, the rocket engine ignition and start the preparatory work before the start of the 2 negative. Minutes, 1 minutes for negative ignition, and then continue the countdown." Liu Feng said. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: