Chengdu 8 day attack free the temperature dropped 9 to begin rainfall (video) mycoolboy

Chengdu 8 day attack "free" the temperature dropped 9 to begin seven days of rainfall over the National Day holiday, Chengdu fine weather to maintain 3 days before the holiday, after 4 days of intermittent rain, but the temperature is moderate, maintained at 20 DEG C, be neither hot nor cold. Yesterday was the last day of vacation, clouds the sun can not cast light and temperature, cold air is like autumn in telling its attitude, 2 pm Chengdu city temperature is only 19 degrees, many people have to wear a coat. Starting today and for the next 7 consecutive days of work time, with everyone except a torment, and the cold air coming and that does not wear long johns. According to the Chengdu meteorological station (micro-blog WeChat) is expected, the next three days in Chengdu cloudy, "as rain + cold air" mode, the evening of 8 individual places have moderate rain, the temperature dropped, the maximum temperature of 10 DEG C, only 17, to Chengdu in late autumn. The next week, the average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius in Chengdu, compared with the same period in history is low, the total amount of precipitation over the weekend, the main precipitation weather process for October 9th to 14, cloudy with light rain or intermittent light rain. The end of the holiday, we also adjust the state of mind, full of spirit to meet the working day. Most parts of the basin, the rainfall will start today, including Bazhong (micro-blog), Dazhou (micro-blog) 2 city and west of the southern part of the mountain areas have moderate rain; Sichuan Plateau cloudy with showers or light rain, the ABA (micro-blog) in the north of rain in Panxi area; cloudy with light to moderate rain, locally the southern heavy rain to rainstorm. Chengdu Daily reporter Lu Wang and a "China Almanac", 8, twenty-four of the 4:33 ushered in the lunar solar term "cold dew". Before and after this solar term, the air is relatively dry, autumn dry easy wounding. Health experts warned that the public in the diet should be appropriate to eat more sweet, light nourishing food, eat less or do not eat spicy barbecue food. If the "dew" hot to cool the solar term marks the transition, then the "free" solar term is the symbol of the cold weather, the weather is cool to cold and marked the transition. (Xinhua) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading in North Xinjiang to Kuitun cool temperatures dropped below zero相关的主题文章: