Charlie magazine in a trial involving terrorist murder culprit – Sohu news in Paris nibbuns

"Charlie" magazine in a murder culprit involving terrorism trial in Paris – Sohu news news agency in Paris on 27 August, (reporter Long Jianwu) "the French weekly" Charlie attacks one of Sheriff? A library, in 27 in Paris held on trial. This year only 20 year old suspect involved in terrorism because of trying to go to Syria to participate in the so-called Jihad was extradited back to the Bulgarian authorities. Local media quoted the Department of Justice said that the arrest of Murad? Hamid is a French citizen, Sheriff’s brother-in-law, library?. He was charged with conspiracy to terrorist conspiracy terrorist crimes charges, 27 in Paris to accept the trial of anti-terrorism judges, and was temporarily detained by judicial authorities. According to reports, Murad? Hamid’s sister married Sheriff library, early?. In January 2015, Sheriff, and brother Saeed? Base? Base manufacturing shocked the world, "Charlie" magazine. Shortly thereafter, Murad? Hamid on suspicion of "Charlie" magazine and the attack, was detained by the police for 48 hours, but ultimately not prosecuted. At the beginning of July this year, Murad? Another sister Hamid’s report to the police, his brother pack left unaccounted for. At the end of July, Murad Hamid from Hungary? By train via Serbia to Bulgaria, later in the entry to Turkey was arrested. He was in the Bulgarian police investigation claimed to tourists, and denied the extremist organization Islamic state. In August 26th, the Bulgarian authorities in accordance with the French issued a European arrest warrant, Murad will be handed over to the French side of the law of the people’s Republic of China, the. This warrant said to Murad? Hamid preliminary survey of computer data, he has repeatedly preached Jihad and browse Syria related website, which is also in line with the exit route to Syria or Iraq to join the Islamic state jihadists characteristics. Author: Long Jianwu相关的主题文章: