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Central bank: ATM machine transfer within 24 hours for cancellation of Guangdong channel — people.com.cn original title: ATM machine transfer within 24 hours for cancellation before the people’s Bank of China issued a "Circular on strengthening the payment and settlement management to prevent matters related to telecommunication network crime model" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), to comprehensively strengthen the account the real name system management, bank card business management and transfer management. Clearly since December 1, 2016, through the ATM transfer, in the issuing bank after receiving 24 hours, to the issuing bank for cancellation. For off-site transfers within three months after the free trading account and to effectively curb counterfeit bank behavior, and comprehensively promote the account name system management, the "notice" clearly stipulates that since December 1, 2016, the banking financial institutions to open bank settlement account for an individual, the same person in the same bank can only open a class I family class I, has opened a new account, then, shall open a class II or III households. The aim is to protect the safety of funds. "Circular" clearly, the Bank of the Bank of China in different places, such as access, transfer and other services, fees charged off-site, should be free of charge within three months from the date of issuance of this notice. According to the central bank official explained that the funds transfer fraud criminals bank accounts and payment accounts, mainly from the direct purchase of individuals to open bank accounts; buy or use identity cards, disguised as account himself or on behalf of relatives and friends of the fictional agent relationship, to open a bank account or payment account opening on the internet. The abnormal behavior of banks have the right to refuse to open an account "notice" to strengthen the abnormal account audit, clearly one of the following circumstances, banks and Payment institutions have the right to refuse to open an account of unit and individual identity information there is doubt, require the production of auxiliary documents, units and individuals refuse to produce units and individuals; others at the same time or batch open an account; have obvious reason to suspect accounts to engage in illegal and criminal activities. At the same time, the national enterprise credit information publicity system included serious violations of corporate dishonesty list ", as well as by the banks and Payment institutions to verify the unit registered address does not exist or fictional place of business units, banks and Payment institutions are not allowed to open an account. From the accounts without transaction records within 6 months of the opening day, the bank shall suspend its non counter business, Payment institutions shall suspend all its businesses, banks and Payment institutions to units and individuals to verify the identity, it can restore its business. Transfer by depositors choose the "notice" clearly, since December 1, 2016, banks and Payment institutions to provide transfer services shall execute the following provisions. To provide real-time arrival, arrival, arrived the next day and other transfer to depositors, depositors in the choice to handle business. According to the guidance of victims of criminals through the English interface transfer case, the "notice" pointed out that the bank for the transfer business for individuals through the ATM, should increase the Chinese voice prompts, and through the text, logos, such as pop set anti fraud alert; non Chinese prompt interface should be on the funds out of other nuclear)相关的主题文章: