By the age of two or three, why did you become a little angel Sohu – ca1810

By the age of two or three, why did you become a little angel? – the mother and child of Sohu recently chatted with a friend who was a mom. She said that when she was in the mood for a roller coaster. That pregnancy when the super happy, pregnant uncomfortable to think about unloading; finally gave birth to a healthy baby is good, but the day and night non-stop real estate milk really good hard ah. Not easy to get up to the baby 2 years old, thought to be relaxed, but found that this is only the beginning of a nightmare…… Because at this time, the baby at home is like a person. Where is dangerous to where to go, where to sit where dirty, where where to climb high, what is not what, but also destructive and temper large ~ why the baby suddenly from see enough little angel, suddenly became a little devil? Today small hot for you unriddling ~ 2 – 3 years old is the life of the first rebellion in terms of developmental psychology, said one to three year old baby toddler "". The past two years, children should learn to walk, learn to speak, learn to tell the likes and dislikes, try many life for the first time: the experience of jealousy, anger… A person walking age is "life first rebellion", are often used in toddlers and young people; and the baby is the period of transition to the children, like children to adults must go through adolescence as. The toddler was "difficult", because the baby body and mind are faced with important development of parents do not understand. One of the characteristics of children: feeling and learning to deal with more emotional research found that one year old to two years old baby will begin to try to control the people or things that cause them distress. They will also be able to talk to their peers or play with toys and other strategies to cope with the need to wait for a snack or a gift. At this time, every day the baby’s heart have several good mood in time: fear, shyness, jealousy. A lot of emotion is the first experience of the child, he must face and deal with these emotions, for him is a big issue in life. According to John (John Rosemond) the door? Ross in "two Cassidy" Book saying, intelligent two-year-old child is always better than the physical development faster, so the child may already know what the solution, but cannot be put into action to achieve. Because two years old children have a lot of ideas, but the language is not mature enough to express their ideas. These will make them frustrated and thus lead to anger. Mom how to do all of your mother because the child is difficult to engage in and distressed at the same time, in fact, the child is not good. He is not "deliberately". Only in the unstable state and abrupt change; when he is the worst, most parents need to help time. Help him in the following ways. 1 understanding his emotions because the child is small, it is difficult to express clearly the hearts of ideas. So the mother met the baby is not so emotional, do not ask the reason, because the child is hard to say clearly, but to accept him: I am in a bad mood! "2 teach him a better way to express emotions, when children have emotions, do not suppress, encourage him to express frustration and anger in language. If his language skills are not相关的主题文章: