Both elegant and handsome – de Marcia cup red carpet player top10- Sina hero alliance zone k-boxing

Both elegant and handsome — de Marcia cup red carpet player TOP10- Sina hero alliance Zone de Marcia Cup awards ceremony in front of the red carpet ceremony, always wear uniforms on game players being installed at the other side of their own show. So rare and spectacular look again how enough? These brilliant player in the field of fashion and taste in the competition who is superior? The red carpet’s TOP 10, we recall the red carpet handsome and grace players. Tenth Flandre when the fog left with two son to walk the red carpet, wearing suits longiculnis brother impressive. It was pretty handsome face with a suit, looks like a steady success. After the lance brother to the fans left a deep impression is he in the arena of varied styles and new routines and research, he embodies the two dimension attributes of the house in T, and calm forward some distance. This time for a handsome style value not only increase, different temperament and usual technology house, but each has adorable, fans have one more reason to love you fu orchid flower. Ninth Pawn Meiko is lovely, but this dress Pawn still looks sweet Meiko is better than. Big head back to tell everyone what is smooth and clean the dress field. The most valuable is the end slightly hangs up once the lips smile, Boss temperament very heart a beat drain be caught off guard. Eighth Mystic brother Yan impeccable value. The water on the pick, the tongue inadvertently licked the lips from the shirt cuff to reveal tattoos — partly hidden and partly visible in every detail of his body is a kind of not knowing. Handsome handsome suit, still can not hide that charm and temperament. Seventh Easyhoon Sven ascetic male god, and there is no small advantage in height, monkey ye can enter the top ten for granted. His signature show waist and after the turn of a smile, as can be seen in the air flying pink bubble and countless girls heart burst. Sixth of the four RNG Xiaohu had to say the cute hamster Looper and Mata are remarkable in the high handed president Yan value and temperament. It is after the Uzi hair looks very cool, but simply use his suit to weight momentum. However, tiger elegant two rich generation temperament, shapely and slightly superior height let him in four different talent shows itself. The last naturally touched the hamster neck is punchline — maybe not the most handsome tiger, but this calm cool attitude helped him attract enough attention. The fifth Clearlove is used to see scenes of people, years of wind and rain had let him look sharpen Epee no front, delicate work, a modest, self-disciplined gentleman, jade stones. Thin down after the factory director turned a smile, calm and warm, but also with a little cute, as if the spring sun at three in the afternoon, bright and beautiful so that people have become soft down..相关的主题文章: