Beijing – VIDEO – World Car Free Day Nanjing opened the country’s first environmental theme of subwa

Beijing – VIDEO – World Car Free Day: Nanjing opened the country’s first environmental theme metro station [comment] in September 22nd, is the world car free day, for the public to increase environmental protection knowledge and raise public awareness of environmental protection, green garden of Nanjing Metro Line 10 station today officially turned the country’s first environmental theme the station. Station to environmental protection as the theme, to the public, tourists spread for environmental protection, micro change, the concept of green life. Environmental theme station a total of 4000 square meters, the station to create a green corridor area, knowledge interactive area, environmental protection, such as 7 hours of environmental theme area of 24 hours. The knowledge of environmental protection in small interactive area, will be updated from time to time. The same period [] (Nanjing metro line ten station Li Liying) we hope that through such a station set environmental protection station in the green garden, to friends from the start, to establish such a consciousness of environmental protection, the environmental public action can continue for a long time. [comment] the station set up the first national environmental protection in the subway station of small class, will use weekends and holidays to invite experts, educators and other professionals to teach children the knowledge of environmental protection, environmental protection and led the children small production. The same period [] (Nanjing metro line ten station Li Liying) we combined the relevant departments of the Environmental Protection Bureau, regularly carry out a training for our employees, we will also hold regular events like this, let the kids to learn in the subway environmental small classroom, let the kids have a better understanding of the environmental protection of the small knowledge. [comment] in the station when the station, the reporter saw the waiting area before the glass paste on the "green 24 hours" promotional stickers, from morning to night, at different times of the basic necessities of life, how to choose more environmentally friendly ways of life have one explanation. In the theme of environmental protection station, in addition to environmental publicity and regional fixed, also specially set up "environmental protection" and a subway train, in the car’s slogan, to encourage the public to choose public transportation to travel, to reduce air pollution. The same period [] (Nanjing citizen Zhao Xiaojie) Metro become so, it is very interesting, then, because now we are advocating environmental protection. So there is a propaganda station, I think it is very good. The same period [] (Nanjing citizen Yin Yiqun) at work, we suddenly found the green garden of subway station there are some green billboards, posters and so on, are written above some knowledge about environmental protection, after seeing that learned some things, feel very interesting, very useful. [comment] world car free day, it is the earliest by the French invention, aims to strengthen people’s awareness and understanding of the harm caused by cars on the city environment, to encourage people to use public transport, cycling or walking in the city. Reporter Li Ke Jiangsu, Nanjing reports相关的主题文章: