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Beijing Tiantan Hospital Gao Peiyi: patients have a pair of eye "- Sohu health he is one of the earliest proposed AOVM imaging signs and imaging diagnostic methods for the scholar; he is a forerunner, presented international cerebral infarction in the early stage of evidence-based imaging concept of him," Wu Jieping is the Capital Medical University outstanding teacher award winner professor Gao Peiyi, director of Department of Radiology, Beijing Tiantan Hospital. Gao Peiyi in the early 1990s, under the tutelage of the American Society of Radiology Professor famous president AnneG.Osborn postdoctoral research. He is hard-working, studious, overcome many problems, to win high praise and praise. The United States and Singapore have a hospital to give generous treatment to invite his office, have been rejected by him, he said: "my roots in China, with my director to return to the motherland." Gao Peiyi a lot of patients, no matter what the patient, he patiently answered. He often said, "the patient unfortunately gives me the technology, I want to serve the patients better." He has a pair of eye, correct diagnosis, save the patient’s case the skill be too numerous to enumerate, widely circulated. He also has heavy scientific research and teaching tasks. As a doctoral tutor, he has always been to academician Wang Zhongcheng as an example, spare no effort, fine of excellence. Efforts to sow, bear fruit, he has received a number of awards, to undertake a number of research projects at all levels. Gao Peiyi is in this spirit of excellence in medical ethics and superb skills to save countless patients, his deeds infected everyone around you.相关的主题文章: