Beijing housing regulation or from the card of the supply of the monthly decline rainlendar

Beijing housing regulation or from the "card" of the supply of the monthly decline in half a year in the past, on the Beijing residential project control is all kinds of conjecture, but from the current point of view, the control of commercial and residential projects pre-sale licensing will become the primary means of regulation in a period of time. Yesterday, the Beijing Daily reporter learned from the agency, is expected in October Beijing will have 26 projects into the market, which plans to enter the market of commercial and residential projects only 4, but currently only sharp · Jin Ding (real estate information) to get a pre-sale permit. The marketing director of Asian high Guo Yi said that commercial housing projects this year, turnover continued to take the heat, and the supply of the project but decreased month by month, with commercial regulation rumors fermentation, the relevant departments have also begun to tighten control and planning for the approval of the pre-sale of commercial and residential projects. Affected by the rhythm of land supply, the supply of new houses in Beijing in October remains sluggish. In October plans to enter the city project, it is worth noting that the commercial housing supply significantly reduced, the 4 will be in the market only one project to obtain pre-sale permit. Guo Yi believes that since the second half of the year, commercial housing projects into the market is the number of monthly decline. Since this year, Beijing residential project has maintained a market enthusiasm high, March pre-sale 16072 had reached 7314 sets, since the second half of June, in July also maintained for two consecutive months in more than 6000 sets. However, the second half of the Beijing commercial housing supply decreased in August, only 2132 sets of commercial products in the pre-sale permit in September; commercial housing supply units decreased more significantly, as of 21, residential pre-sale volume only 849 sets of product certification. Guo Yi believes that October is expected to enter the city project, in addition to China Rui · Jin Ding early in the project has been pre-sale permit is not affected, although there are other commercial projects into the city plan, but the smooth forensics market also remains to be seen. And the supply began to reduce the difference, the current Beijing commercial housing market turnover continued to boom. Although commercial and residential projects frequently raised the price, but the market performance is better. In fact, in recent years, the Beijing commercial and residential market turnover is relatively stable, maintained between 20 thousand to 30 thousand units per year, and this year there have been large-scale commercial and residential market turnover. Data show that from 1 to August this year, the volume of commercial and residential products in Beijing up to 45 thousand units, the market turnover accounted for more than commercial housing. Daxing and Tongzhou outstanding performance, respectively, contributed 9091 sets and 8803 sets. "Influenced by the characteristics of land supply, insufficient supply, purely commercial residential product prices rose rapidly, so just to be part of home customers had to choose a lower price of commercial products, these products lead to a substantial increase in turnover this year." Guo Yi said in an interview with the Beijing business daily reporter. In addition, the market on the purchase of commercial and residential policy rumors continue to ferment, but also an important reason for this type of product turnover rose. This year, the market for commercial and commercial policy of the three hype led to a concentration of commercial and residential products turnover boom. But in the industry view, commercial control policy is already a large probability event landing. At the end of August, there is news that the new commercial rectification plan specific regulation includes: suspend payment of new commercial real estate license, pre-sale permit; weight.相关的主题文章: