Beijing extreme weather will open temporary relief for Vagrants and Beggars – Sohu news-ca4111

Beijing will offer temporary relief in case of extreme weather – Beijing morning news news Sohu for begging (chief reporter Cui Hong) in the case of cold weather, the city will open a "temporary relief" and "shelter" in the central area of vagrants and beggars vagrants and beggars; if refused to go to the rescue station, the staff should leave cotton and give them food. "The people of Beijing for the" political notice "winter warmth" special relief work yesterday issued the "notice" requirement, the district should be "winter warmth" special relief actions into important schedule, in order to maintain life without vagrants and beggars and other street poor people the basic survival rights and interests. "Notice" requirement, this year will increase the focus on regional inspections, to carry out careful Mopai in the street begging and other life without personnel may sleep station square, underground tunnels, bridges and culverts in the construction site, to ensure that no one is missing an important area. For the discovery of vagrants and beggars, need patience to persuade them to accept the assistance to the rescue station, insist on unwilling to accept assistance for Vagrants and beggars, the scene to provide warm clothing and food for the. It is reported that this winter warm Beijing special relief operations to the end of March 15, 2017. During this period, the public, such as the discovery of vagrants and beggars and other people without life, you can call 110, 96156 for help.相关的主题文章: