Beijing and many people around the mad dog bites overseas stray pets to whom – new network vidown

Beijing and many people around the mad dog bites overseas stray pets to whom? – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 23rd news China according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported recently, Beijing Chaoyang District dog bite incident caused widespread concern. As of 21 noon, Chaoyang Branch police brigade said, wounding mad dog has been found. The mad dog bites first occurred in the 20 pm, when someone in the micro-blog message said, a mad dog appeared in Yongan, Chaoyang District Guanghua Road and Hebei Road intersection and Tong Jianwai SOHO near the number of pedestrians were bitten. According to the netizen said that the family was the dog bites in Yongan nearby, then he took his family to Chaoyang District CDC injection of rabies vaccine. In the CDC, the user has seen more than one injured dog bites. The injured calf blood. The legs are also on the blood, many dogs have been torn. There is also a 4 year old boy was bitten. A short period of time, the dog on the way to more than and 30 bites, a time jittery, Beijing police also dispatched police to arrest the implementation of a number of units to strengthen the security. Allegedly, this dog is a dog owner. There are non-governmental organizations, said the government hopes to come forward, reasonable control of the number of stray dogs. Today to understand, in foreign countries, the main dog, including stray pets, their ultimate destination is where? How will the government be managed? Japanese observers Huang Xueqing said that Japan’s stray dogs mostly abandoned by the owner, abandoned the behavior of an animal to be fined up to 300 thousand yen, equivalent to 20 thousand yuan in fines, which allows people to keep pets must be carefully before the decision. In addition, the dog must be registered to the local animal and plant quarantine, to prevent the needle, regular inspection. Nevertheless, the animal shelter will receive a large number of stray dogs, some provisions, if three days have not been claimed or adoption of stray dogs, will be forced to the end of life. According to statistics, in 2014 about 18000 adult dogs, 3600 dogs were killed, most institutions are carbon dioxide asphyxiation way to deal with this matter. How to treat the animal has been tangled problems, animal shelters often received different views of protest calls, some protest human cruelty, some complain that their taxes are being used to feed the animal. In a large number of stray dogs were unable to solve the problems at the same time, hospices and non-governmental organizations are constantly working to save their lives, such as the establishment of archives, sterilization, training for animal, and these from the budget funds, training dogs become drive dog, let rural stray dog training a few months to accept. Responsible for the harassment of the farmland monkey away. In the crowded station, such as the Tokyo Shinjuku Station can often see the propaganda, adopt the stray dogs and cats, raising their fund-raising activities, the Tokyo area also held regular pet exchange activities, let you find more suitable for their pets, pets may be discarded to reduce. Australian observer Hu Fang said that Australia’s treatment of stray dogs is not across the board. From the current data point of view, the local stray dog home detention center housed stray dogs have more than 9.相关的主题文章: