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Before the 50% bank stocks breaking the net risk capital first half bargain 636 million A shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my trainee reporter Ye Maisui in Guangzhou for breaking the net to the investment value of bank shares, institutions are divided. Always love hunters QFII attitudes on bank stocks very cold". Flush data show that the first half of this year only 400 million gallon French Paris bank shares of Bank of Nanjing, the QFII will halt the troops and wait. Before the Mid Autumn Festival A stock market into the adjustment pattern, the Shanghai Composite Index around 3000 points, launched a battle, although the final barely waited at the top of the 3000 points, but the high risk of breakdown. With the index of retreat, a large area of the phenomenon of breaking the net return. Flush according to statistics, as of September 14th, A shares of broken net stocks reached 36, a net breaking plate hit the bank, currently has 10 bank stocks breaking the net, accounting for 19 A shares of the bank’s 52.63%. H shares situation is even worse, 29 bank stocks have only broken net, accounting for more than 79.31%. Among them, the proportion of public financial holding and Standard Chartered group, only 0.52 times and 0.57 times. Bank shares into a broken net disaster market continued to adjust, weak stock movements, the phenomenon of breaking the net again. As of 14, excluding 15 negative assets of the company, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city a total of 36 stocks net rate of less than 1 times, breaking the net banking sector become the hardest hit. Among them, the Bank of China, Bank of communications, Huaxia Bank and China Everbright Bank, the net rate of less than 0.8 times, respectively, is 0.73 times, 0.76 times, 0.77 times and 0.79 times. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Minsheng Bank, although no broken the net, but also from breaking the net, only one step away, the two shares of the city net rate is respectively 1.026 times and 1.066 times. At present, A stock market only two bank shares, the net rate of temporarily in more than 2 times, this year is just listed shares, which is the Bank of Jiangyin (city net rate of 2.99 times) and the Bank of Guiyang (city net rate of 2.02 times). Compared to A shares of the banking sector, H shares in the banking sector is even more dismal. 29 listed bank shares, there are 23 new closing price lower than the 2016 semi annual report of net assets per share. Among them, the public financial holding and Standard Chartered group, the net rate of only 0.52 and 0.57 times. In simple terms, the equivalent of the two market can buy half the shares of the company. In addition, China Everbright Bank, Harbin bank, China Chong Hing Bank and other 6 banks of the city net rate of 0.7 times. Reluctant to break the net in the bank, Hang Seng Bank currently has the highest market share, but only 1.9 times. For a large area of bank shares broken net, a fund manager of a fund company in Southern China, said it is not surprising that this is a manifestation of market weakness. The final logic is to promote the stock of funds to promote the current market environment is not good, the mentality of investors cautious, OTC funds have been in a state of wait and see, reluctant admission. On the evidence of stock game相关的主题文章: