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The combined force of shares capital Beek power Changxin technology restructuring prospects suspected hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu each Reporter Zeng Jian in February this year, a long letter Technology (300088) for lithium battery of the new energy industry restructuring was terminated, and announced within 6 months longer planning a reorganization of assets. However, the listed company also gives investors a better expectations, says it will continue to enter the depth of field of power battery and ancillary products, new energy, smart cars around the industry chain layout, in the 6 months after the merger will start the Shenzhen Beek Power Battery Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Beek power) all of the shares. Today, long letter Technology restructuring restrictions lifted, a capital operation seems to be staged drama. However, long letter Technology restructuring news has not yet come, another A shares leaguer shares (000532) 300 million yuan capital Beek power source have been pre emptive, this also led to some Changxin technology investors worried about the prospects of corporate restructuring. What is the impact of geometry? Increase the threat of long letter Technology restructuring? In August 30th, the combined force of shares announcement said, intends to consent to the wholly owned subsidiary of Zhuhai Hua Ying invested 300 million yuan to participate in the Beek power capital. Statistics show that Beek power in the field of power batteries is mainly committed to the development and production of 18650 yuan lithium battery materials, focusing on the power of the core module, PACK, and the whole package technology. In addition to providing a full range of power solutions, focusing on the layout of new energy vehicles. In its core products 18650 power battery field, the company production and sales of domestic first. Currently, Beek power registered capital of about 229 million yuan. Ownership structure, Beek Power Holdings 47%, natural person Wei Xianju holdings of 43%, long letter technology holdings of $10%. The company’s actual control. The combined force of shares capital Beek power 300 million yuan, of which 8 million 458 thousand and 180 yuan included in the registered capital of 292 million yuan included in capital reserve. According to the announcement, the same period there are other shareholders will be compared to increase the capital of the G. The capital increase is completed, the ownership structure change: Beek Beek power battery holding 42.3%, Wei Xianju holding 38.7%, long letter technology held 9%; and the combined force of shares and other shares were holding 3.33%, 6.67%. It is reported that the amount of money for the purpose of the use of Beek expansion of production capacity and supplement liquidity, and to pay 135 million yuan for the purchase of Zhengzhou’s Beek battery of the equity price of 28.6%. For this investment, the force of the shares is said to be the future of industrial investment and industry mergers and acquisitions to lay a good foundation for cooperation, while access to investment income. From the above point of view, this is only Li Li shares for the lithium battery industry a foreign investment. But what is unexpected is that the news of the impact of another listed company long letter technology seems to be bigger. Every investment treasure (micro signal: mjtzb2) notes on相关的主题文章: