Bear ye Ba 9.9-10 gold and silver Monday crude oil market analysis and strategy of asphalt release vstart

Bear ye Pa Gold: 9.9-10 Monday crude oil asphalt, silver market analysis strategies and release Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! National day seven day long vacation is coming to an end, unrestrained heart is still wandering outside. A rare long vacation, a short distance away from the dedication of the work and customer care. First of all I want to say sorry to treasure! Long holiday, the market does not stop, many customers find someone to guide their guidance for the bear, the teacher has been busy and delay the words of the teacher. I believe that knowledge is to know the life of work of the crystal clear, the time to work hard and work hard, the life is happy to enjoy life. This is also the author of their own customer communication guidance. The author also hope that the majority of investment friends can be happy to invest at the same time be able to accompany the family. Kim Gu has gone on holiday with laughter, silver ten holiday curtain meanders. No matter how you in the September harvest, hope at this time in October to take advantage of, to greet the arrival of the new year, hoping to create a new starting point in the holidays and accompanied by, let silver ten years strive for further improvement. Then the author of last week and Monday market strategy; WeChat x i o n g consulting y E B a j i n 2 or the number of public concern, can bear PA gold; market review and analysis: Although this week are at leisure holidays, but the market seems to be a moment without slack off and more this is mainly due to Madden; OPEC reached agreement to boost crude oil in limited production comes into the $50 mark. Although it is in the National Day holiday period, but the market is still showing the city over the spot financial opportunities and bad luck, do not know in the holiday of the company, whether you win for the chase for the market trend. You can see the rise of crude oil from the state line seven with Yang and break the $50 mark, although in the case of less than expected payrolls Friday that oil prices again fell below 50 points, but the bull trend is still evident. The price is in line for 4 hours in the rail support near 49.7 hours and 4 hours, line line MA5 with MA10 formed Sicha is expected to extend downward, MACD index in the 0 axis turn Sicha operation, green can gradually peatlands is neutral; look after oil prices fell below 50 yuan mark on Friday the United States will have a repair process from the general trend on line four hours and hours of short line oil prices trend more obvious there will be further stepped back next week for signs, the author suggests thinking step back to do more, focus on the above resistance at $50 and below the support level of 49 yuan. Next week, it is worth noting that next week will be held in Istanbul, the energy industry conference intermittent and non OPEC oil producing countries in russia. WeChat x o e i n g y B a J N 2 or public concern about the number of Bear ye Pa can be operated; recommended: 50-50.2 empty, stop 50.5, target theory of 49.2相关的主题文章: