Baoding 66 year old for the villagers to repair electrical appliances for the past 54 days not to ab

Baoding 66 year old villager for disaster repair appliances 54 days do not abandon (Figure) – Beijing new network in Xingtai in September 20, (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiechui Li Yuanhong) "since July 27th, Wu Hechun old man walked into our area for 54 days now, he has been in the US for free of charge Yin village villagers repair electrical equipment, this it is a man of God!" Xingtai Hebei Economic Development Zone East Wang Zhen Da Xian village director Gao Yongzhong said. 20, the reporter went to the Xingtai Economic Development Zone, East Wang Village, a large village home. Here, Wu Hechun old man is being repaired for the villagers were flooded tv. Mention him, the villagers no one thumbs. Wu Hechun, Hebei, Baoding, 66 years old, retired from the Baoding electric power plant. In 1976, he was only 25 years old, he participated in the Tangshan earthquake relief, so that he has the most direct understanding of the special significance of disaster relief. Tangshan, Wenchuan, Yushu, Laiyuan, Yiliang and Yuyao…… Over the past 40 years, hundreds of thousands of kilometers of the elderly travel, went to a quake, mudslides disaster relief. When it was learned that after the floods in Xingtai, the morning of July 27th, the old man from Jiangsu, Yancheng tornado hit the Xingtai Economic Development Zone, a large village, the villagers of the obligation to repair electrical appliances. In September 20th, Xian village director Gao Yongzhong home, the reporter saw Wu Hechun again. As always, the old man is immersed in the TV repair. "My home refrigerator, washing machine has been soaked in water, can not be used, are worried about it!" In the process of repairing the old man, another villager came here. "You first register, I went home free maintenance." Then, the old man took a little book from his pocket. TV water, electricity can also be seen, and later on." Takanaga Chutsuma said. Talk, the villagers Xu Junli walked into the door: I just pushed the washing machine, the sound is particularly large, I want to see how the master wu." "Do not worry, to ensure that the villagers are repaired electrical appliances!" Wu Hechun said as he took two small books. Recorded in the book, the home electric appliance repair, appliance how bad, what time to fix it, remember the crystal clear. The reporter statistics, in 54 days, including Yin village, Wang Village, Jing Jia Tun, the old man for a total of 268 villagers free fixed appliances, including refrigerators, television, washing machine, electric cooker, electric fan, etc.. In another, the dense record who need to repair electrical information. "Some time ago, the old man in the village committee focused on cleaning the washing machine, the queue can be long." Xu Junli told reporters that the elderly to buy spare parts from their own pockets, free repair appliances do not say, but also from their own retirement salary to come up with 1100 yuan, sent to the hands of the villagers in need of 11. "Who to repair electrical appliances, the old man never eat at home, even if the villagers to things, he did not." Villagers Gao Junting introduction, such a "small", rare! "As long as the disaster villagers need, they will use their own proficiency in a particular line service for everyone, the greatest degree of disaster recover property damage. This is my twenty-second time to participate in disaster relief, I just want to use my best efforts to the disaster area相关的主题文章: