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Banking business loan interest rates low tout morning news reporter Liu Zhifei (Financial Editor) double 11 is approaching, various business platform businesses are actively stocking, ready to battle the double 11. However, many businesses are facing shortage of funds in the purchase. Daily economic news reporter noted that, although Ali, Jingdong and other electronic business platform for businesses of credit products, but now many banks have joined the electricity supplier loan army, competing to launch electricity supplier loan products. Compared to the electronic business platform of its own loan products, the Bank launched the electricity supplier loan products relatively low interest rates, a wider range of applications. Banks push supplier credit in the Taobao store is the crown class Mr. Chen told reporters recently, every year to double 11 on the eve of his shop stocking than would increase by at least two or three times, therefore, every time this time, cash flow will be more intense. Before he is by Ali small loan turnover, but recently he noticed that many banks have launched a business loan products, interest rates and relative comparative advantage, Mr. Chen decided this year to try to solve the financial difficulties with a bank loan business. It is understood that at present, many banks have launched a business loan related products, such as CCB good financial e loan, China Merchants Bank, Huaxia Bank, "lightning loan" supplier credit, Zhejiang bank "supplier credit, the postal savings bank, Guangdong Development Bank loan Tmall" "electric water loan, the loan business the product belongs to the pure credit loans without collateral and guarantees. Such as China Merchants Bank at the beginning of last year launched the "lightning credit", customers through the mobile phone APP or Internet banking self-service loans, loan application, approval, signing and lending the whole process automation system, 60 seconds to complete the loan. By the end of 2014, the Bank launched the good melt e loan is unsecured, based on settled in the small and micro businesses in the business platform approved the amount of transactions, a single maximum of $2 million. Zhejiang bank staff, as long as the open shop in Taobao, Tmall and other mainstream business platform for more than 1 years, and reached a certain scale of the online sellers can apply for the "supplier credit products. The owner does not need to provide any collateral, mainly by the store business, credit, loan purposes and other information can be directly approved loan amount, up to 750 thousand yuan. Bank interest rates have an advantage relative to Ali, Jingdong and other electronic business platform self lending business, the banking system, electricity providers generally have obvious advantages in interest rates. According to reporters calculations, Ali platform electricity supplier loan interest rate of 10% or more, but the bank’s electricity supplier loan products annualized interest rates generally not more than 10%. Huaxia Bank, for example, the current electricity supplier loan product of Huaxia bank daily interest is generally about 2.4, is the annualized interest rate is generally 8%-9%, if the morning customers through China bank loan network to apply for loans to the afternoon if you can take the money back to the bank account, the return of the loan, the interest is the customer zero. Zhejiang bank business loan support with the loan, daily interest. With the double 11 season, Zhejiang bank loan business customers can enjoy certain preferential rates, daily per million yuan loan lowest interest only 2.3 yuan. In addition,.相关的主题文章: