At & t officially announced that it will spend $85 billion 400 million acquisition of Time Warner

At & t officially announced that it will spend $85 billion 400 million acquisition of Time Warner Tencent Francisco Beijing on October 23rd news, the U.S. telecom giant at & T announced it will spend about $85 billion 400 million acquisition of U.S. television media giant. This is after the $49 billion acquisition of DirecTV, at & T again in the Studio Entertainment industry in large-scale mergers and acquisitions. Media said the U.S. Telecom is also in transition, from a simple pipeline service providers into media content providers. This is the second time after the Verizon, the U.S. telecommunications industry, the case of the acquisition of content media companies. According to reports, at & T will be in cash and stock acquisition of Time Warner, a bid of $107.5 per share, the total purchase amount of $85 billion 400 million. On Friday, Time Warner shares rose 8% to close at $89.48, closing at $70 billion. $85 billion takeover offer, means that at & T has paid the premium of nearly 20%. "The Losangeles times" pointed out that this large-scale mergers and acquisitions will allow at & T this traditional telecom giant, transformed into one of America’s biggest entertainment and film industry company. On Saturday, Bloomberg and other media reported that due to the acquisition of the news media exposure on Friday, therefore, at & T and Time Warner has accelerated the acquisition negotiations, at & t ready to end the takeover negotiations before next Monday. A factor of at & t worry, Google (micro-blog), apple and other technology companies will join the ranks of the acquisition of time warner. Time Warner is the world’s most well-known television media company, which owns a series of well-known TV channels, such as CNN, HBO, TNT, TBS, cartoon network, also owned the famous Hollywood movie studios, Warner bros.. Time Warner has a large number of high-quality film and television copyright resources. During the dotcom bubble, Time Warner merged with AOL, America’s oldest portal, making it one of the world’s worst mergers in business history. After the bubble in the past, the U.S. online devaluation, after the two companies have long been split, the United States has recently been another telecommunications giant Verizon, to $4 billion 400 million acquisition price. Previously, Time Warner also stripped of some no prospect of sunset business, including cable TV network operators "Time Warner Cable", and the magazine based print business company Time Inc". The United States expert Jeffrey Cole said that at & T acquisition of Time Warner Group showed that the entire telecom industry in the event of a change. It is reported that after the completion of the acquisition of at & T, more than other American TV entertainment giant in the body of admiral, such as The Walt Disney Company, Comcast Corporation (NBC universal). However, such a large-scale mergers and acquisitions, is bound to be strictly audited by the U.S. government regulators. In fact, just before the acquisition agreement reached the news, there are some people in the industry put forward a monopoly of criticism. On Saturday, US presidential candidate Trump in a public occasions that at & t have too much power, such as.相关的主题文章: