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Ali and "ride chant" into the Bureau shared bicycle, the drama is about to start Sohu technology Tut, the bicycle became a hot potato in the bleak November. The day before yesterday, eight Jun just finished WeChat’s "little green car" (portal: WeChat also want to do "shared bicycle"?) , this is not in my veins to see Ali also want to play, ma Dad launched the lake blue bike". It is said that this is a credit to sesame officially released "ride ride chant chant cycle", using methods with similar Mobell, worth mentioning is sesame credit is good, there is no need to deposit. This is a bit like long shots, with mobell. It is said that in Hangzhou has voted 100 thousand, and will soon be in the North Canton on-line". The Tencent voted v-mobile network, the car about the big coffee drops voted ofo, with ALI launched the "ride chant," Baidu brother, I was left alone… Really… The annual show, to begin! Share the new direction of economic sharing economy under the network about the car battle, just flameout. By the acquisition of Uber Chinese, just hold the net about the car situation. This way out of the last three kilometers, homeopathy is the concept of "the v-mobile and ofo. But this time the situation, like when the Uber drops, front rear thigh burn, hold. Mobell clinging to the Tencent, ofo is on the list drops. But apparently they’re different. Between the two fight, but also to the competition is extremely anxious. This thought, this familiar scene, there will be a similar outcome. However, the two tigers fight and fight a menacing Ali. Ali Bai riding under a situation of tripartite confrontation, share a few slice? Take a look at a long time did not appear to make any evaluation of the throttle? Ride a chant with Mobell ofo is different, starting from the old site in Hangzhou, plans to invest 100 thousand units of independent research and development of bicycles in Hangzhou. Remember eight Jun very early in an article (portal: v-mobile and ofo will repeat drops and the story of Uber?) Hangzhou public bicycle has been mentioned is very developed, catch up with the first line of Guangzhou City, known as the birthplace of the domestic public bike. It is not only riding Hangzhou because Hangzhou is their own people, what is more important is that Hangzhou has a relatively mature policy environment conducive to the healthy development of the economy, sharing mode. Think of the North Canton, in the network about the car under the new regulations to survive the drops bar. It is well prepared to ride ride chant seems rush in the last bus sharing E-bike, but Ali this background, I think it must be well prepared. According to founder Zhou Hai has revealed it to ride the bike ride, chant has received numerous attention capital, before the product launch has completed the A round of financing, its valuation has reached hundreds of millions of dollars. On the one hand and sesame seed credit reached a consensus of strategic cooperation, the introduction of sesame credit into the shared economy, sesame credit 750 points or more free deposit car. (also is very formidable, has looked at own sesame seed minute, manual goodbye! And you can also use sesame credit constraints of the user’s car rental dishonesty. Some people say a chant riding ants on credit, is the real meaning of the Internet played credit value, dishonesty will be punished, integrity will be encouraged. With the v-mobile bicycle unilateral loss.相关的主题文章: