Alan starred in peerless master, the film will stall the Lunar New Year’s Day (video) chompoo araya

Alan starred in "peerless master", the film will stall the Lunar New Year’s day Tencent entertainment news recently, actor Alan attended by director Lu Zhengyu directed film "peerless master", the conference held in Beijing, the day to attend the briefing and Amber Kuo, Wei Fan, Joan Chen and other stars. As a humorous film, "the final" peerless master set file officially released in the January 28, 2017 New Year’s day. The conference site to restore the main scene of film "degenerate Street", Alan in the film as a "Liantan master", in this mysterious and snack street talented men still remained in concealment, the master have special skills. Alan said: "the film will be unforgettable dark cooking dinner, in addition to delicacy, as well as animation, warmth, horror and other elements, the content of how wonderful, I hope everyone can go to the cinema a lot of support in the new year file." It is reported that Alan recently starred in two films, "I love you in Macao," and "happy comedy" recorded songs. Under the high ratings and high box office success of the comedy show, let us look forward to Alan’s performance in the film. And he brings us more excellent film and television works. Wang Ning Alan performing comedy "robot"相关的主题文章: