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Academic exchanges should have a "community of destiny" Consciousness — Theory – original title: academic exchanges should have a "community of destiny" consciousness in recent years, Chinese and foreign scholars have made profound reflections on world development road and China development road, put forward many valuable and instructive ideas, including: Chinese growth and development and success the adjustment in the world economy, the relatively peaceful external environment is an important factor China rapid development; new global governance needs of emerging countries, including Chinese participation; China future development still needs to be more involved in the process of globalization; development path China has responsibility for the world to provide institutional innovation. President Xi Jinping pointed out: "the world, countries are interdependent unprecedented extent to deepen the human life in the same village, living in the same time the intersection of history and reality, become acommunity of destiny." To promote the formation of the "human destiny community" is the basic guiding ideology for the economic and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. It is necessary to advocate the consciousness of "human destiny community", which should be the consciousness of Chinese and foreign academic and cultural exchanges. Advocacy and promotion of the "community of human destiny" consensus, the formation of a common concept of human development, and promote our research on major international issues. From the perspective of top-level design of China’s strategic thinking to participate in international organizations, from an overall perspective to enhance the level and level of China’s international issues, from a global perspective to accelerate the development of China’s international talent team. To this end, we must actively innovate the international academic discourse communication mechanism, build the human destiny community dialogue platform. In order to promote China’s responsibility and role as a responsible big country, there are a lot of work to do. First, we must further strengthen the construction of the regular dialogue mechanism between the Chinese academic circles and the world academic circles, and establish a close and stable high-end academic dialogue mechanism. Two is to promote China’s academic institutions and the global and regional academic institutions closely linked to jointly promote the "human destiny community" topic of extensive dialogue. Three is to support and encourage Chinese scholars to participate in international bilateral and multilateral academic activities, the expression of China’s values and discourse system. The four is to guide the influential and persuasive papers and books on Chinese academic research, to make the world better understand China and understand china. The spread and blend of the world culture is of great significance. Culture is an important part of the "community of human destiny", it is difficult to promote the realization of the new world without the spread and recognition of culture. Special attention should be paid to the development of multi-channel communication and communication, speak good Chinese story, express the voice of China, the spread of Chinese value. It is necessary to plan and focus on encouraging Chinese academic organizations and scholars to participate in various important non-governmental organizations to strengthen and enhance the level and level of domestic and foreign non-governmental and non-governmental exchanges. Today, the old global governance mechanism can not adapt to the new needs of the development of the world, must make the necessary adjustments and reforms, should keep pace with the times, should be accompanied by the development of globalization, information and diversity make corresponding adjustment)相关的主题文章: