Aaron Kwok was the mouth of the old shoes, now happy when Xiong Dailin too rich yezimei

Aaron Kwok was in the "old shoe" now Xiong Dailin happy when the rich too Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "in the electronic newspaper" reported on September 20th, supermodel Xiong Dailin confirmed today and the Hongkong businessman Guo song in the first month schedule of the marriage registration, won many fans offer blessings, happy goddess finally found the right person, love her not only in the past 7 years between Aaron Kwok and no birthright, even in after breaking Aaron Kwok was alluding to "inappropriate shoes". Say goodbye to the 35 year old Aaron Kwok Xiong Dailin flash married wealthy Aaron Kwok in 2013 after breaking up with Xiong Dailin, told the media analysis of emotional outlook, "like a pair of shoes do not fit, feet are often uncomfortable, you may want to change a pair of comfortable shoes, we have to walk every day, just like the people around, should find the right to look, at least not to hurt yourself, hard to only bleed, and can not heal the wound, to find another may be better, the feelings of the world are like that!" He thundered "shoes" theory, also be scolded friends over, think of his girlfriend in front of Xiong Dailin mapping. Most fans distressed, Aaron Kwok is in contact with Xiong Dailin for 7 years, never gave her name even, but in the small and 23 year old girlfriend Fang Yuan exchanges not long, is generous in the micro-blog public affair, two people don’t behave after flash air, look in the eyes of fans more reluctant Xiong Dailin.相关的主题文章: