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Jiaxing wells found a body housing department is the male owner in November 2nd about half past seven in the morning, the villagers call Jiaxing Jiashan Huimin Huitong village, said to be a dead man was found in a well. We arrived at the site of the incident, the police have cordoned off the scene, the wells in Huitong village a few houses, the wellhead diameter of about 80cm. The first discovery of this situation is a live on the edge of the tenant, he said, in November 2nd, about 7:20 in the morning, he woke up from the well water to the well found strange, called the people in the vicinity, we see, there is a man in the well, immediately call alarm. Tenant: I hit the water to wash clothes, to see whether there are two shoes, I find a bamboo pole to Lara does not move, I am afraid. The villagers around: passing by, he said here what I said, look, who is out of the shoes, shoes, looked like, get a bamboo pole to rearrange it, I said there must be people, not beaten. After the police came to the scene, the resultant dragged down the well, unfortunately there is no sign of life. Local villagers recognize said after falling on the edge of the party is being built by the master of the house, 65 years old, the local people, usually a person to live, have their own labor, family conditions are better, before you could not find what he is abnormal. Around the villagers: is the landlord here, people are very happy, a person to drink a little wine every day, usually playing cards, nothing. Around the villagers: the fall of the sisters do not know what the matter, she said how it would be so good conditions for his son’s wife, very good for him, the house was built, let him live in the building. Currently, the cause of the incident is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: