A huge loss of 500 million Luo Yonghao and hammer technology can turn over huangshexiaoshuo

A huge loss of 500 million Luo Yonghao and hammer technology can turn over? Luo has tried, but the business never have to pay in return. According to the Chengdu science and technology nibilu September 19th disclosure, the investment of 30 million yuan shares accounted for 1.13% of the hammer technology in 2015 net loss of 460 million yuan, 190 million yuan loss in the first half of 2016. Luo surrender of this transcript, the investors will not be happy. As the hammer technology CEO, after four years, he almost single handedly made from a company, two mobile phone brands, three models of mobile phone products. After once again stepped pit, Luo Yonghao has become more and more mature, like an entrepreneur should be, before he was always in the micro-blog big mouth, from time to time about the friends today, shelling, he remained silent for release, fourth mobile phone product T3, throw in a few words does not hurt does not itch, but tempt everyone. Unfortunately, the market will not give the old time to make mistakes, Chinese intelligent mobile phone box is closed, the entire market will peak this year or next year. But hammer technology has not yet found a shortcut leading to this window, coming out of the T3, the final release time will be much later than the outside world is expected. T3 still have a chance? From the mobile phone sales point of view, T1 listed a year to sell only 250 thousand units, only sold less than 1 million units of mobile phones, T2 sales will not be higher than nuts. For T1 and T2 sales, the outside world may not have too many accidents, because these two products have experienced a serious capacity crisis, when the user can not buy the highest enthusiasm. But in the thousand dollar machine market, why millet can do 3 years sales of 110 million units, Meizu can do a year sales of 15 million units, while only less than 1 million nuts? The answer is also the timing, Luo Yonghao came late. Thousands of mobile phone market, mainly by several Internet mode manufacturers occupied, including millet red rice first reached the July 2013 launch, HUAWEI released in December of that year into the glory brand, Meizu is January 2015, and mobile phone nuts was born in August 2015. Zealer founder and CEO Wang Ziru told the Tencent of science and technology, China thousands of intelligent machines in the market, from the first harvest is one of the most abundant harvest, the first to enter the millet, the main competitors are copycat machine, as long as the price is cheap, have a certain brand, to provide some additional protection to seckill copycat machine. Don’t even need to have so much metal and performance, this is the first harvest logic. Meizu is thousand machines market at the end of a reaper, it is all the thousand machines in the most dare to lose money, when we are doing the plastic shell, Meizu metal machine, this is the last wave of harvest in logic, then manufacturers almost have no chance. From the financial data, hammer technology 2015 net loss of 460 million yuan in the first half of 2016, a loss of $190 million. Its net assets from 190 million yuan in 2015 fell directly to the latest $200 thousand. A year and a half loss of 650 million yuan, the hammer technology is indeed a small number of pens, because in order to earn back to $650 million, even if the upcoming release of T3 phones can earn up to 2.相关的主题文章: