A family of three lost contact in Shaanxi for the first time in more than and 10 days to find the ma sopor aeternus

A family of three lost more than and 10 days was found in Shaanxi Zhao Feng man insane – Sohu news "escape" the reasons that someone to kill him, and told his wife and children also have dangerous doctors say preliminary judgment Zhao Feng suffering from schizophrenia, auditory hallucinations and paranoia symptoms, but does not rule out in September 8th caused by encephalitis the condition, the Chengdu Daily reported a "couple with children to school for a family of three lost more than and 10 days", who lives in Xiangshui beach town Chaotian District village of Guangyuan city Zhao Decheng for several days looking for his son, a family of three, because the son of Zhao Feng August 27th riding a motorcycle with his wife and children, to Guangyuan City registration for the children reading. August 28th lost contact, as of press conference on the afternoon of September 7th has been no contact. A family of three lost contact, it is rare. 10 am, Zhao Decheng told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, the son of a family of Hanzhoung was in the afternoon of the afternoon of, was found in Shaanxi, Xixiang, and returned to Guangyuan on the evening of 9. Zhao Decheng said, 9 pm in Xixiang county tea town to find his son, his son’s mental state is not normal, not to speak with his father, do not know other people. 9 evening brought back to Guangyuan after a family of Zhao Feng, his son was sent to the city of Guangyuan, the Fourth People’s Hospital for treatment. Analysis of preliminary examination by a doctor, Zhao Feng’s symptoms preliminary judgment for schizophrenia, auditory hallucinations and paranoia symptoms, but does not rule out the disease caused by encephalitis, still need to do further diagnosis. Lucky "escape" man has been rushed to the hospital for treatment of Chengdu Daily reporter in the Fourth People’s Hospital of Guangyuan City, see Zhao Decheng old two people, two people gaunt, although found the son of a family of three, but the son of the situation still let him bend the brows. Currently, the son of Zhao Feng living in the hospital isolation ward, relatives need to visit the consent of the consent of the nurse. Daughter in the house to take care of his son, grandson arrangements for relatives to take care of. Zhao Decheng said, September 8th afternoon, he received a phone call from Hanzhoung surnamed Luo said, see a family of three lost contact news on the Internet, recall three people had seen some similar. The other side of the information provided at the time: in August 30th, when the bus bound for Hanzhoung to Xixiang on the bus, he saw a middle-aged man and woman with a child, looks more consistent with the characteristics of the photos posted online. After verification, Zhao Decheng convinced that it was his son lost contact with the more than and 10 day of a family of three. Lost contact for more than and 10 days, Zhao Decheng suddenly saw the hope, he put the other side of the phone and name are recorded in the book, and quickly put this important information to the police station. Police subsequently confirmed to Zhao Decheng, the afternoon of August 28th, Zhao Feng rode with his wife and children to pass between Hanzhoung and Guangyuan yangpingguan. September 9th at 7 in the morning, he suddenly received a phone call from his son, after receiving the voice of her daughter. Daughter Lee said, a family of three somewhere in the woods Shiquan County in the city of health, has been penniless, hurry to pick them. Zhao Decheng quickly contact relatives and friends, looking for two cars to go to Hanzhoung together. He told his daughter, anyway, to keep the phone open. Zhao Decheng and relatives drove to Xixiang County Road相关的主题文章: